Saturday, December 31, 2011

All set for Bora in April =)

After several email exchanges with Boracay hotels and travel agencies, I was finally able to book our accommodations at Boracay Regency. I didn't get the full-board meal package anymore since the April 2012 rates aren't out yet and I felt like I was running out of time since the rooms were getting booked really fast. I was given a 15% room discount though so I booked our 3-nights 4-days stay with them directly. I also coursed the roundtrip Kalibo transfers through them.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Summer Beach trip

In celebration of my birthday next year, Dan and I have decided to plan a trip to Boracay on April 25-28. This will also be the post celebration of our 7th anniversary (3rd wedding) and will be Zoe's first beach trip so we wanna make this extra special.

The first thing on my checklist is the plane tickets. I've been waiting for seat sales but to no avail so I booked our round trip flights to Kalibo via Zest Air for Php6,600. This includes the 10% discount since I booked it through my BDO virtual card online. 

The next thing on my list is the hotel accomodation. I know a lot of people would say that hotels shouldn't really be a big deal since you would go to Bora for the beach and not the hotel. But I have never stayed on a budget hotel in Bora and I don't have plans anytime soon especially since Zoe's coming with us. We've stayed at Boracay Regency in the past and had no complaints whatsoever. The thing now is that their rates for April hasn't come out yet. Here are my top 5 hotel choices for Bora:

1. Boracay Regency
2. Regency Lagoon
3. Boracay Garden
4. Boracay Mandarin
5. Le Soleil

All of these hotels are at Station 2 which is a good location since it's at the middle of all the places we would want to go to. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas shopping

Every christmas, I've always looked forward to three things: 1. shopping for myself; 2. gifts from other people; 3. parties. While those things still remain the same, I've also developed an intense excitement for toys and children's clothes since I had Zoe. Last year, we practically raided Baby Gap, Baby Guess, and Ralph Lauren Kids on top of Mothercare, Gingersnaps, and Rustan's. This year, my husband can only watch me with amazement as I went from one store to another without feeling tired and with the same excited expression on my face. One can only imagine the number of calories I burn when I shop!

This year we decided to break our Chistmas shopping into a couple of trips. I've already had my share of shopping at my ultimate favorite stores (but I'm not yet done ok?) such as Forever 21, Bayo, Plains and Prints, Mango, and Zara. Not to mention my make up spree at Bobbi Brown, MAC, and Nars. And yes, I shop even when I'm at home via the internet (I wont even bother to defend myself). If the three of us could have a shopping score system, Zoe will come in as first place, I will be at 2nd place, while Dan will be at third place (since he hasn't bought anything yet!).

My little shopaholic leads the shopping race with her stash of new clothes from Gingersnaps, Tarte Tatin, and Mothercare; shoes from Converse and Rustanette; Havaianas; Skip Hop backpack; Plates and utensils from Playtex; and Baby Alive doll. This weekend, we're getting her baby bike. I'm so excited for her!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Review: Skin Story (Robinson's Metro East)

My skin has been begging for justice and tlc for such a long time. I haven't gotten any facial treatments for nearly 2 years since I got pregnant, gave birth, and breastfed Zoe until her 8th month. So last Saturday, I decided to get a facial and diamond peel after working out at Fitness First in Robinson's Metro East. After checking one skin clinic after another, I decided on Skin Story since the place looked clean, posh, and promising.

Boy, I wasn't disappointed at all. I got the diamond peel with facial treatment for 950. Their treatment room is very clean and quiet. Their beds are also quite unique with a built-in back warmer. The procedure lasted for 1 hour and 30 minutes; the therapist assigned to me was very gentle yet thorough. There were facial and neck massages during the treatment and I really felt that the therapist was taking her time in making sure that everything was done perfectly. The pricking session went very well too considering the fact that I haven't gone through it in 2 years. The result of the session was a really clean and smooth face. I couldn't be happier with the decision I made.

They also served coffee after the session but I didn't get the chance to drink it anymore since my husband was done with his work out and was waiting for me outside. I highly recommend this skin clinic to anyone within the Marikina/Rizal area.

Hand, foot, and mouth disease

Last week, Zoe was diagnosed with early stage of hand, foot, and mouth disease. Some people may have heard of this as the disease transmitted by pigs but there is another form of HFMD which is rampant among babies and kids. So, no, my daughter didn't contract the pork disease as what some people have said.

Symptoms: A few days after Zoe's birthday party, I noticed that she started to have rashes all over her legs. They weren't red and itchy since Zoe wasn't really bothered by it and she wasn't even scratching it. However, it bothered me since I'm very particular about taking care of her skin. I also knew there was something else behind it so I scheduled an appointment to the pedia even though I was told by a nosy neighbor that it might have been just 'tigdas hangin'.

Diagnosis: Dra. Chanyungco, Zoe's pedia, diagnosed my baby girl with HFMD in its early stage. I panicked since I have seen a severe form of this disease months back from another patient. I was really worried that Zoe might suffer the same but I was assured my doc that it may not progress anyway since Zoe's immune system is pretty strong. She prescribed anti-histamine medicines and skin treatment which consist of wiping Listerine on the affected areas three times a day and applying a mixture of Elica cream and Calmoseptine to the rashes right after the listerine. We started the treatment Saturday night and come Friday, the rashes have dried.

How the disease is transmitted: While HFMD is still a disease, it isn't nearly as scary as how it sounds. It's still considered as a minor illness which is very common among babies and kids. It is transmitted by people who are affected through hand contact. It is also airborne that's why people who are affected are advised to stay at home so that the disease is not passed to others. It really doesnt have a medicinal cure since it usually goes away on its own after 5-7 days, however, more severe symptoms such as mouth sores and blisters on skin can cause misery to babies and kids who are affected. I was just really thankful that Zoe didn't have to go through such.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Typhoon Pedring experience

Yesterday, while typhoon Pedring was in full blast, I was at Fitness First at The Fort as early as 6am determined to work out for 2 hours. I have been using a different car since Monday and although it wasn't a challenge driving it, I was a bit unfamiliar on how the thing worked. When I got to the gym, I was literally the first person and the first car to park and I was happy to get a good spot. I hurriedly got off the car since I was so concerned about getting wet because the rain was coming from all directions.

At 930am, I as on my way back to work and since it was still raining like crazy, I pressed the car alarm key from afar so I can get inside the car immediately. I was mildly surprised that the door didn't open but I dismissed it thinking maybe it was because the key got a bit wet from the rain. To my great horror, the car wouldn't start! I tried several times but it was moot point. I called my husband who told me that it must've been the battery. By that time I was in a state of panic. It was raining very hard, I was already dressed for work (got my hair curled and all), plus, I couldn't see anyone who could help me. Finally, I spotted a man who was sweeping the leaves off the parking lot and asked him to check the engine for me. Too bad, he knew nothing about cars. I was talking to my husband on the phone and he told me I needed to have the battery charged using jumper cables connected to another car battery.

So after a couple of minutes, the sweeper came back with one of the security guards who told me I LEFT MY HEADLIGHTS ON. Damn it. Good thing he had just what I needed: a pick up truck, jumper cables, and an armload of patience. So in short, he got my car to start and you could tell that it was the happiest time of my life. I swore to myself that from then on, I wouldn't roll my eyes off at people who leave their headlights on while parked.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Supplier Review: Zoe's 1st birthday party

Zoe had her first birthday party last Sunday, September 25th at Shakey’s El Pueblo. It was a wonderful result after months of planning and anticipating. Our families and friends filled up the 2nd floor function room of Shakeys that we were not able to go through the original plan of serving the food buffet style cus all the tables had to be used for the guests. My amazing daughter, though cranky at first cus she wanted to take a nap, cooperated beautifully and managed to wave to everyone and to smile all throughout.

I owe this supplier review to several ladies from the forums that I frequent so here it is:

Venue: Shakey’s El Pueblo

Our earlier discussions with Shakey’s El Pueblo weren’t very smooth but I’m happy to say that they delivered what was expected of them during my daughter’s party. We ordered 7 sets of Monster Meal Deals, 30 sets of kiddie meals, 30 party amenities, and had them plot an hour of extension. They initially misquoted the price of the MMD and the extension fee but honored it anyway since it was stipulated on our contract already.

On the day itself, the party before us ended a bit late but the staff were able to clean up the party area immediately. Anna, the party staff, was very cordial and attentive. She also informed me that there had been some issues with the party amenities and that she would give 15 Barney themed loot bags and 15 Justice League themed loot bags. It was actually alright with me since that how I wanted it originally, only they said it wasn’t allowed. Overall, our experience with Shakey’s was really good.

Photographer: Jay Raon (

Among all my party suppliers, this is where I focused most of my time. I originally thought of booking several other photographers until I came across Jay’s website. When I saw his shots, I was immediately blown away and decided right then that I had to get him as photographer for Zoe’s party. His shots are really crisp and clear, not to mention the fact that his concepts are always different for every client.

Jay had a pre-shoot with us on the day of Zoe’s party and he arrived on time at the Discovery Suites with his brother Chris. He was super pleasant to work with and he knew how to adjust very well since my daughter was a bit cranky that day. True enough, I was really amazed with the teaser photos that he posted in FB right AFTER the party. I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos and get a hold of the photo book. I highly recommend Jay Raon, he’s worth every penny =)

Videographer: Moviescape

Moviescape is one of the last suppliers that I booked for this party. I originally wanted to get John Aguas’ services but Shakey’s had a problem with outside P/V suppliers. Since Jay Raon was a non-negotiable for me, I decided to get Shakey’s in-house video supplier since video wasn’t really at the top of my priorities. The videographer arrived a little bit late and I almost thought Shakey’s failed to book them but I just let it go since it was only for a couple of minutes and they were also a joy to work with.

Balloon Decorations: Ma-an Santos

Ma-an was recommended by my sister in law (they’re cousins). We corresponded through text/email, met up once, and we were set. I was really happy with the decorations because it made the room more festive and attractive. Ma-an was also very easy to talk to. I just gave her my working budget and specified the colors and arrangements that I wanted. The results were really fabulous.

Cake and cupcakes: Swirls N Sprinkles by Nadine Abraham

Nadine has been my cake supplier since Zoe’s christening. I started speaking with her regarding the cake design early this year and I just let her work her magic. She also gave me a huge discount. As expected, the cake and the cupcakes were fabulous. It’s always a pleasure working with her.

Party Outfit: Periwinkle

We bought 2 dresses for Zoe; 1 was a brown dress for the party itself and another dress for her pre-shoot. Her shoes were ordered from Pediped US.

Hotel Accommodation: Discovery Suites

My husband and I decided to book a room the night before the party just so we could have a place to do the pre-shoot at. Also, we wanted to be sure that we were closer to the venue just in case there were some issues that we needed to attend to. Good thing, Deal Grocer offered a deal for a junior Suite and we used it to book our room.

Invitation: DIY

I just chose a design online and sent it to my brother who’s based in Bahrain and had him edit it. This was the invite that we sent to our friends and families. We didn’t even bother printing it anymore :)

Overall, it was a really good party. The function room overflowed with guests that I had to ask my sister and her friends to move over to the ground floor. Even with so many guests, our food was still more than enough which I think was one of the best things about the party. At the end of the day, we were just really happy to have been able to celebrate my daughter’s 1st birthday with our families and friends. Looking forward to next year’s party.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy birthday Sweet Love

At 2:10 AM on September 22, 2010, I gave birth to the cutest chinky-eyed munchkin in the world. At 2:10 AM today, little miss patootie turned  a year old. People may say that you're a baby no more but I will always look at you with the same awe as when I first laid my eyes on you as a newborn. Wherever life may take us, always know that I will be here for you and with you. I love you very much my Zoe Alexa =)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hello Fitness First!

I've been complaining so hard about how much weight I have gained over the last couple of months. After finally coming to terms with the fact that my metabolism isn't the same as it was before, I decided to look into the option of enrolling to a dance class or a fitness gym.

The first thing that came to mind was Brickroad Fitness since I know a couple of people who go there too. We visited the facility and it was ok-ish so we decided to check what Fitness First has to offer as well. Now, what started as a supposed inquiry turned out to be an actual enrollment when the manager slashed off thousands from the enrollment fee. So in the end, we paid an initial amount of 1890 instead of 8500 and got the monthly passport membership rate of 2750 instead of 3500. Not a bad deal.

In honor of my new healthy and active lifestyle, I turned to the mall and bought gym outfits and cross trainers. I felt so fit just wearing my cross trainers!

My first week at the gym gave me sore muscles but I still felt good. I'm currently on my 2nd week and I go every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Weekdays are spent at Fitness First at The Fort while weekends are done at Rob Metro East. And though I have to sacrifice a little bit by waking up extra early (especially on Thursdays since it's my car's coding day) but it feels good to have some time for myself.

So now, I'm trying to be as disciplined as I can in terms of my work out routine and diet. I think its really important to take care of myself cus it just doesn't make me look good but makes me feel good as well. Though my muscles still get sore sometimes, it's all good as long as I envision my goal which is to get back to my beach body in a few months' time :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

NBI Clearance Punishment

I have always hated going to any government offices because of the lazy/indifferent employees and terribly long lines. With my upcoming transfer to another company though, there wasn't getting away in obtaining an NBI clearance. Hell I knew the new freaking process in getting one, I would've gotten myself a clearance right after I signed my job offer back in June 22. But  NBI kept it a tiny secret until this new process exploded right in front of face when I tried to get one. Here's my incredible journey to the latest Philippine government torture that is the NBI clearance.

July 5 - I went to Marikina Riverbanks since I found out from friends and the NBI website that there is a satellite office there that can process new applications and renewals. Just as I was entering the parking lot, I was told that the office was already closed and it was transferred to Robinsons Metro East. I thought, hey, that's better since it was nearer my place and it was air-conditioned. I drove straight there but got the dismay of my life when I saw the freaking long line. So I decided to come back at an earlier time the next day.

July 6 - I was at the mall at 930 am and I couldn't see any people lined up in a queue so I thought maybe I was pretty early and it made me excited. As soon as the mall opened, I was literally running from escalator to escalator so I can be in line earlier than the others. You could just imagine my horror when I got to the 4th level and the line snaked up all the way down the spiral parking lot. I couldn't believe it, people were there as early as 4am!!! I was given a number, 364th in line and I heard the NBI people saying they could only accommodate 400 people per day. I decided to go home first to wait it out and come back in the late afternoon.

At 3pm, I decided to get a haircut first before going back to Rob Metro East. I got there at 430pm, and they were just up to 200+. I should've had my hair rebonded already if I only knew. In short, it took me such a long time only to find out that I got an effin' HIT on my name. I was surprised since it never happened before. There is seriously another Vanessa Manila-Dy in this country? I couldn't believe it and I was soooo mad! I was asked to go to NBI Taft on July 13.

July 13 - Dan and I went to NBI Taft and stood on line by 6am. There was literally thousands of people outside which people compared to the lines outside Willie Revillame's show (eeww). It was hot, it smelled bad, and I was in an extremely bad mood since I was also worried about missing Santino's funeral. I got inside NBI building at 10am and the ill-tempered NBI employees and the disastrous chaotic process were just all too much. Still I managed to hold my ground until my name was called. I thought it was the end of my suffering but I was shocked when I was told that my name couldnt be found and that I had to go through another stage. They couldnt tell me what was wrong and that was what irked me the most. I went to the gym where there was another fucking line but my patience reached its end when I asked the NBI employee what was wrong with my clearance. I asked him why they marked my paper as No File Found and what I needed to do but all he answered me was 'Hinde ko po masasagot muna yan, basta makakakuha po kayo ng clearance.' And he kept on repeating that line on every question that I freaking asked him! So I got pissed and I said 'eh mga bobo pala kayo dito eh!' and I stormed off the building.

July 20 - I decided to come back for the last time. I was there at 530am and was one of the earliest in the releasing line. At 7am, the office opened and they let the people in the releasing line in first. I went up to an NBI employee for assistance and he was cordial enough to answer my questions. I was asked to go to the Quality Control office but when the employee saw my papers, she asked why I wasnt able to get my clearance on the 13th. She asked another employee to do a search and he was able to pull up my file in less than a minute and print it out. I found out that the employee who handled my application on July 13th just didn't search for my name correctly. I was prepared to give them a lashing but it was then that my clearance was handed out to me. The feeling was tantamount to winning the lottery or receiving an award! Finally after weeks of suffering, I got my freaking NBI clearance.

To those who are planning to get one, I suggest you arm yourselves with a luggage full of patience. The process is very chaotic since all the other satellite offices were closed and I'm sure you've seen that on the news. If you get a hit on your name, you would have to go to NBI Taft which will set you back on time. I honestly have never hated being a Filipino until I experienced this disaster. No wonder other countries look down on us because our government is just so incompetent. And this is where my thousands of taxes go to every payroll? There's just no justice to my hard earned money going to this lot of corrupt and incompetent imbeciles.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Goodnight Daniel Paul Santino Dy

Yesterday, July 10, we were shocked and devastated with the loss of a new family member. My sister in law's baby passed away while still inside her tummy, few hours before she delivered him out. His name is Daniel Paul Santino Dy, and no words could describe how I felt when I saw him. We were all very excited to welcome him to the family  but God has had better plans for him. 

Goodnight Santino. We are all struck with grief with your passing. Know that we will love you just the same and we will always have you in our hearts. Sleep tight baby boy.

I wonder what color my balloons will be,
but as an Aunt it doesn't matter to me.
It can be many colors red, blue, yellow,
I think I will pick a color for a fellow.
I will let that yellow one go to the sky
and it will fly very high.
Until it reaches heaven for a boy
and he will be filled with so much joy.
Santino didn't live very long and so
his mother and father had to let him go.
He will always be in our hearts,
He will be forever our special sweetheart.
So anytime you see a balloon float by,
think of that someone you love in the sky.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Manila-Dys (First family photo shoot)

Here are the pics from our first family photo shoot at Mrs. Pixels

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Father's Day Babykins =)

‘Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a DAD.’

Dan and I have been together for 6 years and 2 months to be exact and I have seen every facet of his personality – son, brother, friend, and husband. People thought of him as distant and mysterious (as I did) when we started dating because he would choose people he would smile and respond to, and even so when he did, he would give one liner statements or answers. As I got to know him better, I saw how loving and generous he is with his family which made me consider the fact that this will be the same way he will be towards me and our future child.

In all our years together, Dan has given me the greatest love that he can. He is always patient with my erratic moods, he indulges me in my shopping habits, he hugs me tight when we talk about our future, and he laughs with me like no one else can. Clearly, I could never ask for a much better husband.

Now that the two of us became three, I admire every bit of the Dad that he is to Zoe. I love how he embraces Zoe at night, how he reads stories to her complete with elaboration, the way he plays with her and makes her laugh, and how he just looks at her with so much love. He may forget some things like the milk dispenser when we go out but he doesn’t forget to say I love you to Zoe. He sometimes spills Zoe’s powdered formula on the floor but he cleans her up and changes her nappy at night. He may spend a lot of time in front of the PC when he gets home but he carries Zoe at night when she cries even if he’s really groggy from sleep. He may raise his eyebrows when I shop a little bit too much for Zoe’s clothes but he beams like the stage father that he is when he sees her in those cute little outfits. He may not be the perfect father but he gets my (and Zoe’s) vote as the BEST DADDY in the world.

Thank you Baby Daddy for being the best person for us. God couldn’t have given me a better husband and Zoe a better Daddy. We love you so very much. Happy Father’s Day!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day 2011

It's the first time our little family has celebrated Father's Day and so we decided to make a big deal out of it. 

Saturday - We had a family photo shoot session at Mrs. Pixels, thanks to the Deal Grocer voucher I bought. We ended up shelling out 1800 though cus we decided to get extra prints since there were just too many to choose from. The pictures will be given next Saturday and we can't wait to get them.

- We also booked Shakey's El Pueblo for Zoe's 1st birthday in September. There were initial disagreements on the contract but we managed to iron out everything and put them in black and white.

Sunday - Happy Father's Day Danilo Dy II! We had lunch at Bonchon Libis (which wasnt really an ideal lunch venue for me but since Daddy's the king that day, I indulged on his craving) and went to Eastwood Mall after for some coffee.

- The highlight of this day was when Dan bought me a car. It's a green automatic 94 Mitsubishi Lancer GLXI and while it's not the most modern of all cars, I love it to bits! It's the perfect gift, runs well, has nice interiors, plus, it saves me forevermore from daily commute to work! Thank you so much Dan, I love you sooooo much :)

Meet Pickle
- Last stop for the day was at my BIL's house in Cainta where Dan's family were. We didn't get to join them for dinner anymore cus they took too long to plan, plus, we had to get *ahem* my car :) So we just joined them for drinks after.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Zoe's first 2 teeth

First 2 teeth appeared on her lower gums. She was 8 months and 2 weeks then:

Monday, May 16, 2011

Zoe's recent milestones

Zoe's turning 8 months this Sunday but there are no visible signs of teeth yet. She recently achieved the following milestones though which made us really feel that she's growing up so fast in front of our eyes:

Sitting up unassisted - She's been trying to sit up on her own for a long time but it was when she turned 7 months that she can sit on her own without any support from us. She has yet to learn how to sit from a lying down position.

Waving hi and bye-bye, close open - The first time Zoe waved her hand 'hi' was when we were checked in at Crowne Plaza for my birthday and I was so amazed, I literally teared up (hello stage mom!). We've also been teaching her to close and open her little fists and it's so cute when she just goes at it whenever she wants to.

Stranger anxiety - Yes, this is a milestone. Gone were the days when people can just snatch her off me without her bawling loudly. Even our relatives can't just carry/cuddle/kiss/hold her if she's not familiar with them, otherwise, she'd cry loudly as if she feels really violated. Normally, Zoe will give strangers a long, head to foot, curious look. If they touch her hand, she will pull it away while looking at them. On a really bad day, just a simple cooing at her will be enough to upset her.  This is one thing we are trying to work on now since my husband feels bad that she reacts this way to his family so I thought of showing Zoe pictures of my in laws regularly so they would look familiar to her.

Recognizing Mommy and Daddy - Zoe has already mentioned 'mama' a couple of times and it was such an overwhelming feeling I cant describe. Recently, she has been showing her prefence for us over my mom or any other people in our house. Whenever Dan and I are around and we don't pick her up, she would crawl towards our direction or would fuss and look at us.

Groupons, groupons, and more groupons

Lately I have been addicted to Groupons. It all started when my hubby introduced me to Deal Grocer where we got our discounted room rates at Crowne Regency Hotel. After that, I just couldnt stop on browsing all the Groupon sites I could get my hands on.

Here are some of the deals we have brought recently:

Lunch/dinner buffet for 2 at Manila Pavilion Hotel for only 1350

Mrs Pixels deal at Deal Grocer (not so much a favorite since the terms weren't clarified earlier)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Zoe's high chair

Since Zoe has started eating solids already, Dan and I have been in constant search for a nice but sturdy and affordable high chair so Zoe can sit with us during our meals. Earlier on, I wasn't sold on the idea of having Zoe use a high chair since my nephews didn't use such but that actually resulted to bad eating habits such as not eating on the table and watching TV during meals.

Recently, my General Manager announced that he was resigning and going back to the US. There was not a dry eye during his announcement but we were all able to accept his decision since he was doing it for his family. He decided to sell some of his stuff for a super cheap price and it included his son's Baby Trend high chair which he sold for only Php1,000. As soon as I saw the high chair and the picture on the list, I was really ecstatic! The chair is in top condition and barely used since his son hated being strapped in it (he hated eating too). So I bought it instantly and picked it up in his condo the following week. Dan and I agreed that it was such a nice deal since the cheapest high chair we saw was 4k and it wasn't even nice enough. Now I was kinda happy that my boss left hehehe.

A day before my boss flew back to the US, he called me and asked me to stop by his Eastwood condo since he had a lot of other stuff to give to Zoe. I got a load of Aveeno baby wash, the biggest J&J powder and oil bottles, Fisher Price toys, Infantino carrier, picture books, classical CD set, big unused Cradle bottle cleanser, unused box of Cycles detergent, Munchkin Fresh Food feeder (still sealed), and other stuff. He wanted to give me his son's playpen but Zoe already had one so I said he can give it to his other subordinate who just gave birth recently. Being a non-hand-down-fan, I was surprisingly happy to get all those things. Couldn't be any luckier right?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthday Plans

April is a big month for us since this is when we celebrate our couple/wedding anniversary as well as my birthday. This year is a whole lot more special since there are 3 of us celebrating. We originally planned to stay overnight in Taal Vista Hotel Tagaytay since I haven't been there for only who knows how long but recently we found out that Taal volcano is on level 2 alert so the being the ever panicky and paranoid parents that we are, we decided against the trip and chose to stay at a local city hotel.

Which now brings me to the deal that we got at Deal Grocer. Hubby bought a coupon for an overnight stay at Crowne Plaza Hotel Galleria for only 3500 through Deal Grocer. Nice right?

Other birthday plans include dinner out with Zoe and hubby somewhere I have yet to decide. For our anniversary, I'm secretly hoping that hubby has something for me as I was unsubtly dropping hints that I want to be surprised for our 6th anniversary. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Zoe's first solid food

First meal: Mashed carrots

Friday, March 18, 2011

Preparations for Zoe's 1st birthday

Wow, how fast time flies by. Zoe's turning 6 months this Tuesday and here I am making my research and preparations for her 1st birthday in September. I remember starting this blog as a journal to document my journey to mommyhood and I cant believe my darling girl is starting to eat her solid food. Migosh, talk about being sappy!

So I've been browsing the party packages of different restos but found nothing that hits the spot. Then I recently read a blog about a Shakey's kiddie party where they served the Monster Deal Meals instead of the usual party package and it gave me an idea. So now, Shakey's is back on my list as a possible venue along with Fazoli's Eastwood. Dan and I will just need to do ocular inspections as well as talks with several Shakey's branches and with Fazolis too.

I initially thought of having Luau as a theme but decided against it anyway since it works well with pool parties which is not what we'll be having. So instead, what I have in mind are Ballerina Baby, Cheerleader Baby, or Butterflies. I've also listed down my party requirements which includes the following:

1. Venue (choice among Shakey's El Pueblo/E Rodriguez or Fazolis Eastwood)
2. Cake (Swirls N Sprinkles)
3. Photo Booth
4. Face Painting
5. Balloon decors
6. Loot bags and party prizes
7. Invitations
8. Host (not sure yet if I'm really getting one cus Shakey's can provide anyway)
9. Photographer  (will hopefully be my good friend, Mae Mae's brother)

I've scouted for several suppliers for the these and have sent them emails for rates and packages. I'm also still thinking of whether to get a party planner since the party I have in mind isnt really super grand.

So in the next couple of weeks and months, I'll be telling stories about my party preparations and will also be reporting about my experience with suppliers. Just thinking about Zoe's party is getting me all excited!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Search for Zoe's shoes

I'm back!!!

Zoe's a week shy of her 6th month, time flies by so fast that I dont know whether to be happy or sad. Anyway, she's outgrown her Nike Mary Janes and is on the verge of outgrowing her Guess shoes so hubby and I (actually, more of  I only) began scouting for Zoe's new pair of shoes. I browsed the Pediped site and came upon Pediped Caroline and immediately visualized it on my Zoe. This is the picture of the shoes:

We went to all Hobbes and Landes branches that we could go to but we couldn't find this design. Saw a couple others which were nice too but couldn't find Zoe's size. So finally, I decided to order it through my Multiply contact who can order it in 2-3 weeks time fresh from the US. I was so ecstatic! Oh and yeah, I ordered one of those Gap overruns too which only cost me 380 pesos teeheehee :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Congrats to me!

I've been driving with hubby's constant guidance for the longest time and have been itching to drive somewhere without being babysat. When I went back to work in January, I told myself that I need to learn to be more independent, hence, drive myself anywhere I need to be. For years, I have been incapacitated whenever my husband couldn't take me to places I need like work, mall, etc, and those times resulted to furious days of arguments initiated by me.

Now all these talk about gas price and taxi fare hikes are really something to think about. From our place going to work, I usually have to pay about a hundred bucks for a one-way cab whereas it only takes a hundred worth of gas back and forth. So today, I summoned all the courage that I have and drove myself to work without my husband. 

I gotta say that I was so proud of myself. So far there were no boo-boos and I got to work safely. The best part was that I was able to park the car in 1 shot instead of the usual 10-15 minute tries. I wish my hubby could've been there to see me!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

SM Baby and Company Grand Fair

I was browsing the net on Wednesday when I stumbled upon a post in GT regarding the Grand Fair of SM Baby and Company in Megatrade hall. Hubby and were really planning to go to the mall last weekend because we wanted to get a playgym for Zoe. We originally wanted to go to Rustan's since they have more selections of Lamaze, Fisher Price, and the likes there but if you're a shopaholic like me, the word SALE just triggers a frenzy.

We went on a Sunday which was the last day of the fair. I really wanted to go on a Saturday but it was Zoe's 3rd Penta vaccine shot and I wanted her to rest properly after it. Besides, I was also from the GY shift on Friday and was really sleepy after our hospital visit.

I didnt get to take pictures inside the fair because we left our camera in a hurry (frenzy right?) and I doubted I would get to take pictures properly since I knew there were still going to be a lot of people. True enough, the place was packed on the last day of the fair. After the registration, one of the staff gave me a map of the fair which was helpful especially for pregnant ladies. I didnt need much help since I was on a full shopping mode. Some of the brands that were there were:

- Avent
- Pigeon
- Johnson and Johnson
- Cetaphil
- Lactacyd
- Ai Non
- Disney Babies
- Graco
- Chicco
- Lamaze, Fisher Price, Baby Einstein, Playgro, Bright Starts
- Maclaren
- Indigo
- Curash
- Huggies

We strolled over to the Huggies stall and was appalled to see that they were offering such a nice discount for Huggies Dry Comfort. Appalled because I already bought 2 packs of large HDC from the grocery the day before which cost me P380/pack. In their stall, they had 2 packs of large HDC (38 counts each) for only P610! Damn, did my heart hurt. Anyway, so we went looking for Zoe's playgym which was the purpose of the visit there. We saw Tiny Love, Bright Starts, Baby Einstein, Chicco, Lamaze, Playgro, and Fisher Price. I was hoping to see Lamaze Space Symphony playgym or Fisher Price Rain Forest playgym like these:

However, there were none of those and the only available ones were these:

Lamaze 4 in 1 playgym (4000)

Playgro Tunnel Gym (1850)

Fisher Price 3 in 1 gym (1900)

We eventually bought the Playgro Tunnel gym due to its vibrant colors and tunnel feature which we can use to play hide and seek with Zoe. Here are some of her pics with the playgym at home:

So there. We also looked at a couple of high chairs but didn't find any good deals so we'd stick to the Graco or Chicco chairs that we saw at Landmark. And by the way, I also got my Mom card from SM baby and company (for a minimum purchase of 500) and a bag of freebies (for a minimum purchase of 1000). All in all, I think we got a pretty good deal. Can't wait til the next baby fair.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Zoe's milestone: First roll over

Zoe turned over for the first time on January 21, a day before her 4th month. Her daddy missed it by a couple of minutes. Sorry, just cant help but unleash the stage mother in me :)

Meeting Pia and Tin from GT

We've been chatting through GT for the longest time and last Sunday, Tin, Pia, and I finally got to meet each other at Greenbelt 5.

Pia bought Mustela stuff from SG for Tin and I which was a real life saver since Mustela costs thousands here and is only available in Rustan's. In my case, I bought 2 bottles of Hydra Bebe lotion since Rustan's is currently out of stock and isnt sure when they'd replenish. Mind you, it only cost me 1500 for the 2 bottles which retails for 1k plus per bottle in Rustan's. Sweet! Thanks again Pia! Next meet up will be lunch/dinner and playdate for Zoe, Kyle, and Kenzo :)