Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It pays to keep your sanity

Last week was one of the most challenging weeks of my life. My husband had to revert to his morning work schedule leaving me to tend to my daughter by myself. On Wednesday, maybe I was too tired, I had the shock of my life when I accidentally locked my daughter inside the car with the keys on the ignition :(

We were preparing to go to school so I turned the engine on so I can also turn the ac on. I began strapping Zoe on her car seat when I lost my mind momentarily and closed the door of the car. Naturally being that the keys were on the ignition, the car automatically locked all the doors. WITH MY DAUGHTER AND MY CELLPHONE INSIDE. I felt as if cold water was splashed all over me and panic started to come over me. I managed to keep my composure and not show my daughter how worried I was. I began tapping the window asking her to roll it down. She couldn't understand nor hear me. I was so scared I think I forgot how to breathe.

I kept tapping the window asking her to roll it down with a smile on my face. After a few seconds, my smart daughter unstrapped herself from the car seat and rolled the windows down and said 'what mommy?' I immediately unlocked the car door and gave her a hug. I felt so relieved.

When I came home from work that night, I confessed the whole ordeal to my husband. He was nonchalant when he said 'I wouldn't be hsyterical if you had called me earlier. You've locked yourself out of the car three times in the past so I have learned to make contingency plans. There's a spare key upstairs on our vault and another one with me.' Hahaha, I'm sure he enjoyed that joke :P

Everytime I remember that moment, I still get shivers down my spine. Good thing I managed to keep my composure (which comes rarely especially when I get rattled). Good thing I also have a smart daughter who basically just saved herself from that whole ordeal.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer School: Graduation

Three weeks have gone so fast. Last time I checked, our yaya bailed out on us a day before Zoe started summer school and now she's all done with the program. I'm so proud to have seen her accomplishments and how she participated well on their daily activities. I'm also very proud of myself for managing without a yaya for almost a month now. It's very tough but fulfilling at the same time.

Here are some photos on Zoe's culminating program at summer school. 

Zoe's class performed three songs: Open shut, Barney's song, and Hi-5 song. I was so proud to see my daughter dancing and singing well onstage despite her classmates' non-participation. She was basically the only one dancing and didnt mind that there were so many people watching her. It was then that I understood parents who tear up while watching their kids perform in school. I was mighty proud :)

They performed 3 songs

Receiving her art works and graduation certificate from Teacher Che

With shy Reece

We're so proud of you baby girl!

With my high school friend Arlene and her daughter Sab
Zoe's art works at school

This 3-week program was such a blast for Zoe. We were worried at first that she might get bored or disinterested but she looked forward to attending every single day. It was tough luck that we ran out of slots for this school year, we were kinda ready to send her to school despite our initial decision. But we already spoke to Teacher Michelle on enlisting Zoe for the junior nursery class for next school year. Til then, we'll find other activities and programs that she can enjoy :)

Summer School: Last few days

Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer School: Day 8 and 9 (Zoe's first school trip)

My daughter wanted to wear her new blazer on Thursday. I loved her laidback but girly chic outfit that day:

It was fishing and swimming day for them too 

Zoe said 'Look Mommy I did it!' 

As always, she enjoyed the pool.

Friday was their school trip to Pan De Amerikana in Marikina Heights. It was our first time to be there.

Excited despite feeling under the weather.

Dan and I were so proud when Zoe volunteered to be one of those to present the ingredients on stage.

She got to mix the ingredients too. Wonderful job, Zoe!

Zoe and I trying to create  a shape using her dough. Sorry baby, Mommy's not good with artsy stuff.

 Posing at the giant chess board.

The ISYC summer fun teachers. That's Teacher Nappy on the leftmost and Teacher Cheryl on the rightmost. 

Up at the tree house with Daddy. Zoe was so brave to cross the wooden bridge. 

Her most favorite spot was the calesa cus she felt like she was in Cinderella's carriage just like the one that they had at Podium last December. She cried when we had to ask her to step down because another kid wanted to try it too. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summer School: Day 6 and 7

Zoe loved her outfit on Tuesday mostly because she's been wanting to wear this yellow belt. 

One of her favorite activities in class is trace drawing.

Running off to Mom and Dad to show the puzzle she just completed. Wonderful job baby love! 

Singing and dancing to Barney's song 

Wednesday outfit. This top was really a dress when she was around 1 year old. Good thing it still fits her as a top this time :P

Making a sand castle art with Teacher Che

Our daily morning dates at pre-school. Too bad hubby's going back to morning schift at work next week :(

One of her favorite songs, Mr. Sun

Mother's Day celebration

We celebrated Mother's Day by going out to dinner with my sister at TGI Friday's and dessert at J.CO in Eastwood.

God's gift to me :)

My daughter always says that I'm her bestfriend :)

Food porn: Blackened chicken alfredo pasta, Chicken mushroom parmigiana with rice, baby back ribs, and J.CO donuts (alcapone, heaven berry, and crispy chocnut)