Sunday, July 24, 2011

NBI Clearance Punishment

I have always hated going to any government offices because of the lazy/indifferent employees and terribly long lines. With my upcoming transfer to another company though, there wasn't getting away in obtaining an NBI clearance. Hell I knew the new freaking process in getting one, I would've gotten myself a clearance right after I signed my job offer back in June 22. But  NBI kept it a tiny secret until this new process exploded right in front of face when I tried to get one. Here's my incredible journey to the latest Philippine government torture that is the NBI clearance.

July 5 - I went to Marikina Riverbanks since I found out from friends and the NBI website that there is a satellite office there that can process new applications and renewals. Just as I was entering the parking lot, I was told that the office was already closed and it was transferred to Robinsons Metro East. I thought, hey, that's better since it was nearer my place and it was air-conditioned. I drove straight there but got the dismay of my life when I saw the freaking long line. So I decided to come back at an earlier time the next day.

July 6 - I was at the mall at 930 am and I couldn't see any people lined up in a queue so I thought maybe I was pretty early and it made me excited. As soon as the mall opened, I was literally running from escalator to escalator so I can be in line earlier than the others. You could just imagine my horror when I got to the 4th level and the line snaked up all the way down the spiral parking lot. I couldn't believe it, people were there as early as 4am!!! I was given a number, 364th in line and I heard the NBI people saying they could only accommodate 400 people per day. I decided to go home first to wait it out and come back in the late afternoon.

At 3pm, I decided to get a haircut first before going back to Rob Metro East. I got there at 430pm, and they were just up to 200+. I should've had my hair rebonded already if I only knew. In short, it took me such a long time only to find out that I got an effin' HIT on my name. I was surprised since it never happened before. There is seriously another Vanessa Manila-Dy in this country? I couldn't believe it and I was soooo mad! I was asked to go to NBI Taft on July 13.

July 13 - Dan and I went to NBI Taft and stood on line by 6am. There was literally thousands of people outside which people compared to the lines outside Willie Revillame's show (eeww). It was hot, it smelled bad, and I was in an extremely bad mood since I was also worried about missing Santino's funeral. I got inside NBI building at 10am and the ill-tempered NBI employees and the disastrous chaotic process were just all too much. Still I managed to hold my ground until my name was called. I thought it was the end of my suffering but I was shocked when I was told that my name couldnt be found and that I had to go through another stage. They couldnt tell me what was wrong and that was what irked me the most. I went to the gym where there was another fucking line but my patience reached its end when I asked the NBI employee what was wrong with my clearance. I asked him why they marked my paper as No File Found and what I needed to do but all he answered me was 'Hinde ko po masasagot muna yan, basta makakakuha po kayo ng clearance.' And he kept on repeating that line on every question that I freaking asked him! So I got pissed and I said 'eh mga bobo pala kayo dito eh!' and I stormed off the building.

July 20 - I decided to come back for the last time. I was there at 530am and was one of the earliest in the releasing line. At 7am, the office opened and they let the people in the releasing line in first. I went up to an NBI employee for assistance and he was cordial enough to answer my questions. I was asked to go to the Quality Control office but when the employee saw my papers, she asked why I wasnt able to get my clearance on the 13th. She asked another employee to do a search and he was able to pull up my file in less than a minute and print it out. I found out that the employee who handled my application on July 13th just didn't search for my name correctly. I was prepared to give them a lashing but it was then that my clearance was handed out to me. The feeling was tantamount to winning the lottery or receiving an award! Finally after weeks of suffering, I got my freaking NBI clearance.

To those who are planning to get one, I suggest you arm yourselves with a luggage full of patience. The process is very chaotic since all the other satellite offices were closed and I'm sure you've seen that on the news. If you get a hit on your name, you would have to go to NBI Taft which will set you back on time. I honestly have never hated being a Filipino until I experienced this disaster. No wonder other countries look down on us because our government is just so incompetent. And this is where my thousands of taxes go to every payroll? There's just no justice to my hard earned money going to this lot of corrupt and incompetent imbeciles.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Goodnight Daniel Paul Santino Dy

Yesterday, July 10, we were shocked and devastated with the loss of a new family member. My sister in law's baby passed away while still inside her tummy, few hours before she delivered him out. His name is Daniel Paul Santino Dy, and no words could describe how I felt when I saw him. We were all very excited to welcome him to the family  but God has had better plans for him. 

Goodnight Santino. We are all struck with grief with your passing. Know that we will love you just the same and we will always have you in our hearts. Sleep tight baby boy.

I wonder what color my balloons will be,
but as an Aunt it doesn't matter to me.
It can be many colors red, blue, yellow,
I think I will pick a color for a fellow.
I will let that yellow one go to the sky
and it will fly very high.
Until it reaches heaven for a boy
and he will be filled with so much joy.
Santino didn't live very long and so
his mother and father had to let him go.
He will always be in our hearts,
He will be forever our special sweetheart.
So anytime you see a balloon float by,
think of that someone you love in the sky.