Saturday, October 8, 2011

Review: Skin Story (Robinson's Metro East)

My skin has been begging for justice and tlc for such a long time. I haven't gotten any facial treatments for nearly 2 years since I got pregnant, gave birth, and breastfed Zoe until her 8th month. So last Saturday, I decided to get a facial and diamond peel after working out at Fitness First in Robinson's Metro East. After checking one skin clinic after another, I decided on Skin Story since the place looked clean, posh, and promising.

Boy, I wasn't disappointed at all. I got the diamond peel with facial treatment for 950. Their treatment room is very clean and quiet. Their beds are also quite unique with a built-in back warmer. The procedure lasted for 1 hour and 30 minutes; the therapist assigned to me was very gentle yet thorough. There were facial and neck massages during the treatment and I really felt that the therapist was taking her time in making sure that everything was done perfectly. The pricking session went very well too considering the fact that I haven't gone through it in 2 years. The result of the session was a really clean and smooth face. I couldn't be happier with the decision I made.

They also served coffee after the session but I didn't get the chance to drink it anymore since my husband was done with his work out and was waiting for me outside. I highly recommend this skin clinic to anyone within the Marikina/Rizal area.

Hand, foot, and mouth disease

Last week, Zoe was diagnosed with early stage of hand, foot, and mouth disease. Some people may have heard of this as the disease transmitted by pigs but there is another form of HFMD which is rampant among babies and kids. So, no, my daughter didn't contract the pork disease as what some people have said.

Symptoms: A few days after Zoe's birthday party, I noticed that she started to have rashes all over her legs. They weren't red and itchy since Zoe wasn't really bothered by it and she wasn't even scratching it. However, it bothered me since I'm very particular about taking care of her skin. I also knew there was something else behind it so I scheduled an appointment to the pedia even though I was told by a nosy neighbor that it might have been just 'tigdas hangin'.

Diagnosis: Dra. Chanyungco, Zoe's pedia, diagnosed my baby girl with HFMD in its early stage. I panicked since I have seen a severe form of this disease months back from another patient. I was really worried that Zoe might suffer the same but I was assured my doc that it may not progress anyway since Zoe's immune system is pretty strong. She prescribed anti-histamine medicines and skin treatment which consist of wiping Listerine on the affected areas three times a day and applying a mixture of Elica cream and Calmoseptine to the rashes right after the listerine. We started the treatment Saturday night and come Friday, the rashes have dried.

How the disease is transmitted: While HFMD is still a disease, it isn't nearly as scary as how it sounds. It's still considered as a minor illness which is very common among babies and kids. It is transmitted by people who are affected through hand contact. It is also airborne that's why people who are affected are advised to stay at home so that the disease is not passed to others. It really doesnt have a medicinal cure since it usually goes away on its own after 5-7 days, however, more severe symptoms such as mouth sores and blisters on skin can cause misery to babies and kids who are affected. I was just really thankful that Zoe didn't have to go through such.