Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Eyes see what you mean

If there's one regret that I have in my life, it's not putting on eye cream consistently and early on. I mean, I have been putting some, but only when I have creams available (ehem, given..). Recently though, I have been noticing lines at the outer corner of my eyes each time I smile. I'm sure there have been smile lines there before but they weren't too obvious until recently. Oh no!

see the lines right there?
I asked my cousin for eye cream recommendations since she works in a beauty department in Germany. She recommended Shiseido Benefiance Anti-Wrinkle eye cream 

and Clinique All About Eyes

I've read more raves about Shiseido so I sweetly asked my dear cousin to bring me a tub when she comes home this March. I swear, I promise, and I vow to keep maintain my eye routine forever and ever.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Summer School

I've read so many articles and forums about the best age for kids to start schooling and I've had several discussions regarding this with Dan (my husband). Zoe is currently 2 years and 4 months old and we were originally planning to send her to school this school year. However, one of our aversions is that she won't turn 3 until September and we feel that she is a bit too young to go to school on a daily basis. I tried scouting for junior nursery schools that offer 3 days of classes per week but unfortunately, I couldn't find such anywhere near our area that matches my requirements.

Ultimately, Dan and I decided not to send her to school this year yet but we are looking into enrolling her to a summer program in a school called ISYC (Integrated School for Young Children) in Marikina. I have heard nothing but good feedback from parents about this school so I called them for more information. I spoke with Teacher Leah and she mentioned that they offer the Summer Fun program for kids ages 2-6 years. It is a 2-hour daily program that runs for three weeks and is designed to give kids an opportunity to acclimate themselves in a school setting (mostly in preparation for the school year). It focuses on 'having fun while learning' where they do activities like painting, drawing, playing games, dancing, and singing. They also explore activities that are done during the summer like swimming.

The first batch starts on April 8 and the second batch starts on May 6 with the class schedule 9am-11am. The tuition rate is Php 8,000 inclusive of snacks, art materials, and 1 field trip. Teacher Leah encouraged us to visit the school with Zoe so we can show her around and get a feel of the school environment.

So now, Dan and I are in the process of fixing our work schedules for April and May so we can properly decide when we can enroll Zoe. While I would want Dan to be able to see Zoe 'in school', I think I will likely be the parent in charge for this being that my work schedule is mostly mid-shift. We both believe that while this isn't a regular school experience for Zoe this is still a good way for her to spend summer. Depending on our experience with ISYC, it is the pre-school that we are considering for Zoe before we transition her to a big school (which we are already decided on: Assumption Antipolo).