Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy anniversary!

Hubby and I celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary (5th anniversary) by going out to dinner at Mario's. We didn't really have time to plan out anything fancy due to our schedules and what not. Still, had the best time. Anytime spent with my husband anywhere is worth everything.

A week ago I went for my first pelvic ultrasound to see how my baby's doing so far. According to the report, he/she is fine and all but I was diagnosed to have grade 1 low lying placenta. MY OB wasn't very concerned cus she told me that the placenta would usually rise up on its own as the pregnancy progresses. However, if it's still lying low on my 7th month, then I would definitely give birth through C-section. She advised me not to engage in strenuous activities and not to lift heavy objects. I was a bit worried about our upcoming beach trip since it would involve a 3 hour road trip (6 hours back and forth) so she prescribed Duvadilan as a first aid medicine just in case I have spotting.

So far my pregnancy discomforts have lessened although I still have vomiting episodes from time to time. I've learned though that eating frequent mini meals helped avoid those. Right now my biggest challenge would be SLEEPINESS at work! I dunno if it's just the hormones or what but I normally don't feel this way at work especially since I sleep for 9-10 hours/day. But now, it's just getting worse. I feel like I've been taking sleeping pills or something.

My tummy's getting bigger and rounder now and my hubby is getting more excited every week. We're both looking forward to seeing the baby on 3D/4D and to knowing its sex. Although my OB has a hunch that it might be a girl. Now I feel pressured to think of baby girl names. Oh well, just like what we've said before, doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl so long as it's a healthy baby.