Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Casa Manila-Dy Part II

First part of the wood works installation care of Fraz Works:
- master's bedroom closet
- bathroom cabinet
- living room cabinet
- wall mirror

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hi 5 House Hits 2014

One of our Christmas gifts for Zoe this year is the Hi 5 House Hits concert. We weren't sure whether to have her watch the show this year since the ticket prices have gone up significantly presumably because of the venue. However, we decided to let her watch it but instead of getting three tickets, we just got two. 

The venue this year is at Newport Performing Arts Theater. We got there quite early as we were scared of the carmageddon due to the holiday rush. As a result, we got there at 9am with the show starting at 11am :P 

I liked how organized this year's show was compared to the chaos last year at SM Aura. Because of the disorganized system last year, Zoe got stressed out because of the crowd and got a fever towards the end of the show. At the Newport theater, they allowed people to come in as soon as they opened at 10 as opposed to pooling everyone until just before the show starts. 

Here are some photos.

Casa Manila-Dy

Our condo unit was finally turned over to us in November. We did a site visit and brought along Philipp Santor of Fraz Works who will do the fit out of the wood works. He had to take measurements in order to give us a quote. Fast forward to two weeks after, the paint job is already done and the first half of the wood works are about to get delivered. Here are some photos of the newly painted unit.

warm yellow for the living/dining room/kitchen
warm yellow for the living/dining room/kitchen
warm yellow for the living/dining room/kitchen

mocha for the master's bedroom

mocha for the master's bedroom

Purple for Zoe's room. I had the painter put white stripes on the left part of the room. The other side is solid purple

Purple room for Zoe
Our target move in date is end of February. There are currently some construction on going for the swimming pool and pavillion which are directly in front of our building. The PMO said it will be finished by first quarter next year.