Thursday, June 19, 2014

Zoe's First Day in School

Our preschooler :)

Preschool Orientation

Zoe's preschool orientation was held on June 7th, Saturday morning. I had a night shift schedule but I made sure to drag myself out of bed after 2 hours of nap mostly because I was so excited :)

We were given a packet as soon as we got inside the school grounds. Since we were quite early, we let Zoe play for a bit first. Afterwards, we headed to the second floor to claim her uniforms and to sit in the multipurpose hall. Zoe met another kid who was seated behind us. She introduced herself and they immediately hit it off. We were delighted to know that the girl is also her classmate, although I couldn't help but worry a little since they're both extremely talkative. Yikes.

The orientation basically discussed the contents of the handbook. An hour later, we were asked to visit the classrooms and meet their teachers. We had a chance to meet the parents of the others kids and we each shared our kid's personality and behavior. The meet and greet concluded with a snack.

Countdown to School

Last Mother's Day, we shopped for Zoe's school things just because I hate having to compete with last-minute shoppers at the mall. We actually ended up having to make three separate shopping trips because I always figure something to add to our list of necessities.

Here's a list of things that we bought for our first time preschooler:

  • Crocs backpack (ordered from the US in early January)
  • Florsheim leather shoes
  • 6 pairs of knee high Bio Fresh socks
  • 6 washcloths (to be used as hankies)
  • 6 gauze diapers (as towels)
  • Lock&Lock food container
  • Playtex insulator cup
  • hair clips and ponytails
  • Spoon and fork with case
  • Hello Kitty vanity pouch
  • Small bottles of powder, cologne, and alcohol
  • baby wipes

I also ordered customized bag tags and name stickers from Elise Ronquillo of Fun Prints Factory. Each bag tag costs P100 and the regular sized stickers are P120 for 30 pieces. She has soooo many designs to choose from that it took me days to decide.