Sunday, May 23, 2010

Baby stuff

I'm currently on my 5th month and I have started to feel my baby's movements particularly in the early mornings and evenings. I have also began browsing on newborn essentials and was usprised on some of the things listed there that never even occurred to me! So a couple of days ago, I ordered the very first item for my baby in the states. It 's a Dr. Brown's Wideneck feeding bottle set which will arrive on the 2nd week of July and pretty darn excited!
I told my husband about this purchase after I made it cus he has this tendency to think that I'm over reacting since I'm only on my 5th month and we haven't learned of my baby's gender yet. As if i'm the only over acting parent betwen us, we were at the mall the other day and saw these really really cute pair of Lacoste and RL shoes and he wanted to get them! Can you believe that!

So this June, I'm scheduled for my congenital scan which really wasn't required by my OB but I wanted to have one anyway. After we find out, we will officially begin our baby stuff shopping.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My 28th in La Luz Batangas

April 25-26 La Luz Batangas

As hubby's birthday surprise (which actually revealed itself a couple of weeks before my birthday), we went to La Luz Batangas for a night. I know it's such a short trip but we didnt want anything too far and too long what with my pregnancy.

The roadtrip to La Luz was comparable to the never ending story. We left the house at around 8am and got there at 12:30, just in time for lunch. We almost got lost due to the misleading directions in the La Luz website. We were led to this eerie place with nothing but trees on the side and a steep narrow road. I was half expecting to see fairies and other elementals hehehe

Anyway, we got an Annex room in La Luz which is also the same as the Junior Premiere room except that it was near the daytrip area. The room was nice and clean with separate shower and toilet. It was furnished with 2 double beds which we converted into a 'queen size bed'. And by the way, no TV in the room so we gladly brought our laptop with us. It was a bit irritating though that we were told that their wifi connection was on maintenance.