Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas gifts

I was confused on what to give my husband for Christmas. I heard him say that he wanted to get a G-Shock watch few months back so I decided to get not just one but two watches for him :) Merry Christmas Babykins =)

For our Zoe, we decided against getting her two big items for Christmas because we wanted her to fully appreciate her Christmas gift. So the motorized car will have to wait for next Christmas.

And, here's my hubby's Christmas gift for me this year..


Merry Christmas everyone :)

Berry or Apple?

As I come to terms with the fact that I'm not getting any younger, I have accepted the solid fact that phones nowadays are geared to all-touch screen and no keypads. It doesn't mean that it has become easier for me though. In fact, I have managed to avoid all versions of Iphone all these years (well...)because I really find it difficult to text on a virtual keypad. This is why I love my Blackberry Torch to bits. Well, at least how it looks like and the comfort it gives me. I've never been one to update phones on a whim or everytime there's a new model available (which is like every other month); I'm a more of a practical, function-over-fad-lady. 

Recently though, an opportunity presented itself when I realized that my postpaid line's contract is about to expire. I called Globe to find out what they can offer me for their loyalty program and asked if they can give me an Iphone 4S. The agent said the the 4S is currently out of stock and offered me the Iphone 5 instead. So after much discussions, phone calls, and irate complaints, I'm finally getting my Iphone 5 tomorrow and I'm bidding goodbye to my Blackberry Torch *sob*. Hey, I need to embrace the future of technology sooner or later, right?

I've gotten so many advice on which phone to get. Samsung S3, Samsung Note II, Iphone 5, Iphone 4S; and you know what, I don't really have time and plans of testing each because I'm very gullible when it comes to gadgets. Mostly because I'm not very techie and I'm just a picture-facebook-text kind of girl when it comes to phones. Heck, I only have less than 500 songs on my ipod and zero games. Samsung phones are pretty promising and have the best LCDs but I'm honestly intimidated by it's 'high-techness' :P. I've never had an Iphone before because I wasn't completely sold to the touch screen texting thing but yeah, I'm giving it a shot mostly because I don't ask for a lot of things in a phone. 

So yeah, tomorrow's the big day. I hope it's not going to be painful at all. I've so many painful memories with Globe and I really hope they make the transaction seamless this time =)

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!!!