Sunday, February 28, 2010


Dan and I went to my 2nd TVS last Saturday to hopefully see my baby's heartbeat. I was very anxious the whole time, what with the paranoia caused by all the negative pregnancy stories I read online. Good thing Dan was Off that day and he was able to accompany me.

So we went in and began the rather uncomfortable part of the procedure and soon enough, the Sonologist pointed at my baby and showed it to Dan. She said that according to its size, my baby was approximately 7 weeks and 5 days as of February 27. I thought to myself, 'ok good, it's growing its size..that's good news.' So I asked if the baby already has its heartbeat and when she said yes, I felt as if a big boulder was taken off my chest! Hayy, too much paranoia noh? She showed me the screen where my baby's flickering heart was beating at 185 bpm and I was just so overwhelmed.

I pushed my negative thoughts aside and I decided that I'm just gonna throw all my energy at taking care of myself and my baby. Though sometimes I feel bummed about all the zits popping everywhere, I feel fine (except for the acid attacks and vomit episodes). When we went to my in-laws yesterday, I just soaked myself with all the info and stories that my sisters-in-law could give me since they've all been through the pregnancy period. Now I'm really excited for the baby---knowing its sex, meeting him/her for the first time, buying baby stuff, and planning for the baptism (seriously!).

Monday, February 22, 2010


I already warned myself to not be overly obsessive but I still can't help but read posts and blogs about pregnancy. The latest one that I've read was about someone's baby who didn't grow past 7 weeks and had to be taken out. I know I'm not supposed to be paranoid and stressed and all but I can't help but feel protective over my baby.

Right now I'm debating with myself whether I should race to have the TVS that my OB recommended or wait it out til Saturday as I originally planned. I can't stand my nerves. Ugh! is this a part of it all???

Saturday, February 20, 2010

First TVS

Dan and I went to my first ultrasound on Tuesday, February 9. Since I just got off work and was feeling very sleepy, I easily got irritated with the long wait and the unbelievably longer time it took for the hospital staff to accomodate everyone. Finally it was my turn to go and there it was, a small gestational sac about 4 weeks old. My OB said that based on my LMP, my pregnancy was about 5 1/2 weeks old but the diameter of the sac suggested that it was only about 4 weeks old. The Sonologist advised me to come back after 2 weeks but I decided to just go back after around 3-4 weeks.

The Sonologist printed my ultrasound and though it was nothing more than a picture of a black dot, Dan and I kept looking at it appreciatively and I kept holding my tummy telling my baby to hold on tight. Our friends congratulated us and our families were happy for another addition on both sides.

So here I am currently on my 6th week (I decided to go for my baby's age based on the ultrasound). Lately I've been feeling incredibly sleepy and I've been having weird cravings that immediately exit my mouth due to my acid attacks. Aside from that, I feel great and happy. Dan talks to my tummy as if it can already hear him and he now wishes for a baby girl. I don't really mind whether we get a boy or a girl so long as it's perfectly safe and healthy.

Now that we're expecting, our lives are slowly changing giving room to additional as well as adjustments in our plans. Dan and I have been very responsible and well-prepared for anything especially our finances and I'm glad that we are already mature to face this head on. Friends were teasing me that I don't have any choice now but to quit shoping but I told them that there's no need to quit; probably just cut down and think twice before obsessing over another bag. I'm just looking forward to a safe pregnancy, healthy baby, and honestly, baby-stuff shopping though my OB told me not to get too excited until I'm on my 7th or 8th month. I thank God for giving us this wonderful blessing and I'm praying that He would keep us safe and healthy all throughout.

Good Surprise

February 7, 2010

I started the day by going to my 4th day of driving session. Dan and I were a bit miffed that the previous instructor had made a big fuss about Dan coming with me to yesterday's session instead of just telling us point blank that he wasn't allowed to come. I met Dan after my 2-hour drive, reminded him that it's been a week since the day I should've gotten my period and that there were weird twitches in my tummy that was making me think I might be sick.

After much deliberation on which PT to get, I decided to just get a cheap one thinking that if it turned out negative, at least I didn't spend a lot of money just to get disappointed. So we drove home and though a part of my brain had AGAIN started hoping that 'this might be it', we both acted nonchalant about the entire thing. Though through the silence we knew that while we were silencing that part, it was actually just starting to scream louder and louder.

I decided to go through the test right away just to get over it and move on with our lives. One drop and one line had auspiciously began to form prominently while a second line was forming faintly. I noticed there weren't enough so I dropped some more and true enough, it was staring right back at me; 2 distinct lines telling me our good news.

I called Dan who was currently minding the car and I was debating with myself on whether I should keep it to myself first or tell him immediately. When he came up to our room, I pointed at the test results sitting on the table beside our TV and for a few seconds, he just stood there motionlessly while digesting this new information. Once he found himself breathing, he gave me a hug and I felt the goose bumps in his arms. Though we were praing for it, our blessing still came as a surprise to us.

My sister in law told us to see a doctor right away. I was all for it since a part of me was scared that the test may be bogus due to its relatively cheap price. The OB confirmed my pregnancy and told me that based on my LMP, I was 5 1/2 weeks on my way already. She advised me to go for a TVS though just to be sure that my baby was inside my uterus. This was because I told her of the twitches that I was feeling.