Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas shopping

Every christmas, I've always looked forward to three things: 1. shopping for myself; 2. gifts from other people; 3. parties. While those things still remain the same, I've also developed an intense excitement for toys and children's clothes since I had Zoe. Last year, we practically raided Baby Gap, Baby Guess, and Ralph Lauren Kids on top of Mothercare, Gingersnaps, and Rustan's. This year, my husband can only watch me with amazement as I went from one store to another without feeling tired and with the same excited expression on my face. One can only imagine the number of calories I burn when I shop!

This year we decided to break our Chistmas shopping into a couple of trips. I've already had my share of shopping at my ultimate favorite stores (but I'm not yet done ok?) such as Forever 21, Bayo, Plains and Prints, Mango, and Zara. Not to mention my make up spree at Bobbi Brown, MAC, and Nars. And yes, I shop even when I'm at home via the internet (I wont even bother to defend myself). If the three of us could have a shopping score system, Zoe will come in as first place, I will be at 2nd place, while Dan will be at third place (since he hasn't bought anything yet!).

My little shopaholic leads the shopping race with her stash of new clothes from Gingersnaps, Tarte Tatin, and Mothercare; shoes from Converse and Rustanette; Havaianas; Skip Hop backpack; Plates and utensils from Playtex; and Baby Alive doll. This weekend, we're getting her baby bike. I'm so excited for her!