Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hello Fitness First!

I've been complaining so hard about how much weight I have gained over the last couple of months. After finally coming to terms with the fact that my metabolism isn't the same as it was before, I decided to look into the option of enrolling to a dance class or a fitness gym.

The first thing that came to mind was Brickroad Fitness since I know a couple of people who go there too. We visited the facility and it was ok-ish so we decided to check what Fitness First has to offer as well. Now, what started as a supposed inquiry turned out to be an actual enrollment when the manager slashed off thousands from the enrollment fee. So in the end, we paid an initial amount of 1890 instead of 8500 and got the monthly passport membership rate of 2750 instead of 3500. Not a bad deal.

In honor of my new healthy and active lifestyle, I turned to the mall and bought gym outfits and cross trainers. I felt so fit just wearing my cross trainers!

My first week at the gym gave me sore muscles but I still felt good. I'm currently on my 2nd week and I go every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Weekdays are spent at Fitness First at The Fort while weekends are done at Rob Metro East. And though I have to sacrifice a little bit by waking up extra early (especially on Thursdays since it's my car's coding day) but it feels good to have some time for myself.

So now, I'm trying to be as disciplined as I can in terms of my work out routine and diet. I think its really important to take care of myself cus it just doesn't make me look good but makes me feel good as well. Though my muscles still get sore sometimes, it's all good as long as I envision my goal which is to get back to my beach body in a few months' time :)