Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saving up for the date

Hubby and I went to my OB at Marikina Valley today for my check up. We asked for an estimate cost of normal delivery and she quoted 40k more or less which already includes all the PF's and small private room. Good thing we started saving up early. Hopefully we can get a discount from her hehehe...

Restraining Order

For the past couple of weeks I've been experiencing extreme constipation (i know, i really just had to say to word huh?). Pregnancy may be mostly to blame since I've had to quit drinking coffee (which really helped me in my daily rituals) and not to mention that my frequent acid attacks terrify me from drinking water since it heightens the discomfort. Well, just to spit out my first confession here, I have to admit that I used my persuading powers (plus sorrowful face and tears) on my husband to go get me a cup of coffee to help me get through my bathroom situation. Needless to say, I was able to relieve myself without much stress on my part.

Currently on my 2nd month (to be exact, 9 1/7 weeks according to my OB), I'm thinking of ways to invite the positive energy despite some of the storms rocking our boat now. One of those ways is obsessing over baby stuff and planning my child-to-be's (would you believe...) baptism. As early as now, I'm trying to gather some details on ideal church, venue, and other suppliers since Dan and I have decided to have our baby baptized as early as his/her first month. And wow, the planning can be quite exhilarating huh? I just can't wait to really get my hands on the actual planning and organizing. Wheeee!!

Yes, someone ought to put a restraining order on me. Cus even on the early pregnancy stage, I'm already itching to buy baby stuff -- crib, stroller, feeding bottles, clothers, the works! I'm not sure if this is how my shopping obsession has diverted me (though I nearly ran to Plains and Prints earlier when we were at the mall) but I just can't seem to wait to make sure that my baby has everything it will need. Hence, hubby told me that he should put a restraining order on me. Well, men will always be men on the subject of shopping *rolling eyes*.