Monday, July 15, 2013

Reasons Why I Love Driving

I've only been a driver for 3 years yet I feel as if I've been such for tens and tens of years. On really bad days, this is my main reason for wanting to resign from the company that I currently work for because I feel lazy driving from Antipolo to The Fort and back daily. However, there are perks that come with driving. Here are some of my reasons:

1. It's obviously a reliable form of transportation
- My close friends used to tell me that I am my own risk in taking the public transportation because I fight with cab drivers, I shout at other passengers, and I shoot dagger looks at passerbys. Obviously, I am still battling with my road temper but I feel safer inside my car especially when it's raining or when the sun is in frying-mode. I want to mention the downsides but that's not what this post is all about.

2. My car doubles as a mobile closet 
- This is one of my favorite reasons for driving. I feel like I have everything I need inside my car. Almost all my shoes are there (hence I need not be scared when I break a shoe heel or if my toes suddenly peep out of my flats), my work documents and office supplies are there, some of my daughter's toys are there. There are even times when my lunch box from 2 days ago is still there. I remember that when I started working for my current company, I was told that there will be a delay in issuing a pedestal for me. I couldnt care less and I was so unaffected unlike my other colleagues because I have a much bigger 'pedestal' anyway. Tee hee!

3. My car is where most of my selfies takes  place

- Most people do it in their bedroom, some in the bathroom. I like to do it inside my car when the traffic is heavy, when I'm waiting for a parking slot at work. 

4. Driving hones my singing prowess

- I don't do karaoke, I don't sing in the shower -- I just think my voice is too hideous to be heard even by myself. BUT, when I drive, my singing voice suddenly becomes more acceptable (to my ears). I think this is finally the key to my success. 

5. Inevitable ME-time
- I don't really have any choice but to have ME-time everyday. I mean, I just can't pick passengers up just because I feel alone and lonely when driving sometimes. On the good side, driving helps me realign my perspectives and just think about things generally. It also helps that I posted a 2x2 photo of Zoe on my dashboard; I've done a lot of consultation with her actually. 

So those are my reasons. Do I feel happy driving home later at 11PM? Not really. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zoe's OOTD - Saturday lunch

We had lunch out on Saturday before doing our grocery shopping and because it was a bit rainy, Zoe had a chance to finally wear her blazer. It's so fun dressing up my little girl :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

The cure to my headaches

I finally got round to seeing an opthalmologist last weekend who confirmed that my migraine attacks are most probably caused by my astigmatism. I was prescribed corrective glasses for 6 months and should come back after that time period in order to check if my vision has improved.

I looked at a million frames and as so tempted in getting the tortoise shell Michael Kors pair but the stingy girl in me didn't want to spend 6k for something that I would only wear (hopefully) for 6 months. So I settled into a pair of Baby Phat frames that only cost me 3k plus 1350 for the lens. 

I started wearing them the following day when we attended a birthday party. 

And yeah, I started wearing them to work today..

Zoe's first cinema experience: Monsters University

Zoe had her first movie experience last Saturday when we watched Monsters University along with my 2 nieces. We were a bit worried at first since she doesn't really watch TV for hours and we were thinking that she may want to get out of the movie house mid-movie so we opted to watch it at SM cinemas where movie tickets are quite reasonably priced. 

True enough, Zoe started walking around our seat area at the middle of the movie. Good thing we sat at an area where there was a wide space in between the next row. We were able to finish the movie peacefully though and she was quite proud of her cinema experience. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

'I don't like you'

Have you ever been disliked by your kids? I'm sure most of the time they do, they just don't voice it out all the time. Mine had, just recently.

So we were at the mall last Saturday and Zoe told us she did a number two only to find out that she didn't. When I was telling her that she should not tell me something that isn't true, she started screaming inside the bathroom for no apparent reason. Obviously, we emerged from the bathroom as enemies and she sought alliance from her daddy who was waiting for us outside. When my husband picked her up to ask her what happened, she suddenly bursted out 'I don't like Mommy'. And so there it was, the phrase that I had been dreading to hear.

I think I was caught off guard at that moment and wasn't able to handle to handle myself properly. I sort of had a little tantrum myself and my husband had to play referee between me and my daughter again. Gosh, it's so hard to be a parent when your child is always the teacher. 

The following day, we had to run some errands and we took Zoe with us. While my husband went to pee, we waited by a cellphone store and Zoe started knocking at the glass displays. I asked her to stand beside me but she refused so I took her hand. She refused again and started tugging her hand out of  my clasp until she started screaming again. So at the middle of the mall, I had a screaming toddler who was letting go of my hand as if I was a kidnapper trying to grab her. I let go of her and she went to face the corner with her arms crossed in front of her chest. I asked her calmly to hold my hand and she said 'NO, I'M MAD.' I said 'Why? Who are you mad at?' and she said 'I'M MAD AT YOU!'. I honestly didn't know if I was more amused or surprised when I saw her with her back facing me and her arms crossed on her chest. I could even see her lips pouted from her reflection. Boy, she was really upset. I backed off, remained where I was and asked 'Why are you mad at me?'. She didnt say anything so I just told her 'Alright, since you're still mad at me, I'll just stand here until you're not mad at me anymore.' Then she caught a glimpse of my reflection from the glass displays in front of her and she tried to hide a smile. Just a few minutes after that, she ran to me and gave me a hug and I knew we were ok. 

I've read a lot of parenting books and they're pretty helpful but it's very difficult to remember all those pointers when you're in a tricky situation flooded with emotions. I guess at the bottom of it all, it narrows down to respecting your child the same way you respect grown ups.