Monday, August 23, 2010

Fixing my girl's closet

We were able to finally wash all of our baby girl's clothes and to fix her closet. I only need to buy a couple more things and we'd be able to finalize her baby bag as well as my hospital bag. As the weeks go on, we keep getting closer and closer to meeting our baby girl.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Things to pack for the hospital

At 31 weeks, I'm already feeling panicky about organizing the stuff that I need to bring for my baby and myself when it's time to head to the hospital. I checked GTalk and some other mommy blogs to see what they have packed. At the same time, I tried to visualize myself and what I'll needing (as well as my baby) when the big day comes. Here's my list and if you think I've missed out on a couple of things, please, please let me know :)

Mommy Bag
•   5 panties
•   2 robe
•   3 nursing wear
•   1 going home outfit
•   slippers
•   abdominal binder 
•   toiletries (shampoo, soap, deo, betadine feminine wash, tooth brush, tooth paste, alcohol)
•   Maternity pads (1 pack)
•   breastfeeding stuffs (breast pad and breast pump)
•   2 nursing bra

Baby Bag
•   2 hooded receiving blankets 
•   1 blanket
•   2 short and long sleeved tie sides with pajamas
•   2 onesies
•   2 bonnets
•   2 socks
•   6 mittens
•   1 towel
•   8 diapers
•   cotton for nappy change & plastic cup for water
•   1 bottle of Dr Edwards water
•   4 4oz bottles
•   bottle brush
•   bottle cleanser (put in a small container)
•   zip lock
•   bag for soiled clothes

•   SSS MAT 2
•   Marriage contract (photocopy)
•   Phil health MDR and 2 sets of claim forms
•   Admission letter from OB
•   Baby and mommy history in clear book

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Zoe Alexa's first colored pics

Got my CD from In My Womb yesterday, minus the printed pics. Here are some of Zoe's pictures. May simangot factor lang sya jan hehehe