Monday, February 27, 2012

First long drive

When my eldest brother came over to visit us last Friday, he and Dan got really drunk (nothing unusual there). He was supposed to sleep over but he got a text message from his boss saying that they needed to be in EDSA at 530AM because of the people power celebration so he insisted on going home to rest. His mode of transportation was his motorcycle. Naturally, I declined and since Dan was crazily drunk too, I volunteered to drive him home to ParaƱaque along with Dan in the passenger seat and my cousin at the back seat.

It was my first long drive since I don't normally go beyond The Fort or Makati or Ortigas (or the East for that matter). I just realized that driving there would have to include going through SLEX which of course I was afraid of. So at odd hours of the morning, I dragged my 3 drunk passengers and drove to ParaƱaque and even made the mistake of entering the E-Pass lane along SLEX. I had to use my charm to be forgiven by the annoyed officer. After I exited, I chose to just drive by the service road which was easier for me since I wasnt obliged to drive faster compared to SLEX.

Well, we all got home safely, so I congratulated myself for being brave enough to drive that far. Boy, was it liberating! I think I only need to muster a couple more guts to be able to drive along EDSA.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happiest Valentines =)

Just when I thought it's going to be just another Valentines Day, my hubby went out of his usual no-surprises-self and got me a bouquet of flowers. I was happily surprised when I saw the flowers inside the car when he picked me up from work earlier. Thanks so much Babykins, I really appreciate the flowers. This is the happiest valentines I've ever had. I love you so much =)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Mystery of slippers revealed!

For the longest time, I have been irritated with how Zoe likes to pick up my slippers inside the room and carry it around no matter how I tell her to put it down cus they're dirty. Last Sunday, we were playing inside my mom's room and she once again reached for my slippers which I forgot to leave outside. I didn't call her out anymore and I just watched what she was going to do. The door was open and so she took my pair of slippers and put them on the mat in front of our room's door. I just realized that that's what she's been trying to do all along; to put my slippers where they belong. I felt ashamed of myself for not even trying to understand where this behavior was coming from. All along, Zoe was just acting according to what we have taught her about keeping things neat and in order.

I told my husband about this and he felt the same way I did since he also reprimanded Zoe a couple of times about the slippers thing. We realized that we should try to be more understanding of Zoe's actions instead of immediately resorting to reprimands whenever she does something 'off'. On the other hand, I felt pride in how my daughter has quickly learned the things that we've been teaching her and in how she was able to apply this learning not just to her belongings but to other's as well. From now on, I will try my best to understand her actions first before making any rash reactions.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Mother's Prayer

Give me patience when little hands tug at me

with ceaseless small demands.

Give me gentle words and smiling eyes

and keep my lips from hasty sharp replies.

Let me not in weariness,

confusion or noise obscure my vision

from life's fleeting joys.

That when in years to come my house is still,

Beautiful memories it's rooms may fill.