Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Annual December Affair

Every December, I always make it a point to meet up with Yori who moved to Cebu years back. She usually comes here to visit her in laws every Christmas and we try to squeeze in some time to catch up. This year, we were able to meet up for dinner along with Mark, our other good friend/ex-Supervisor.

I was tasked to choose a restaurant for dinner and decided on Duo Steakhouse at Serendra since I haven't tried it yet. It was a pretty excellent choice and I must take Dan here next time.

delicious platters of pasta (pomodoro, penne cheese, and aglio olio) and wings and ribs

Face off 2004 versus 2013. I think the three of us are aging gracefully ;)
Til our Tagaytay trip next year ;)

Zoe's Happy Christmas

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hi 5 House Party

Last Friday, we took Zoe to the HI-5 House Party show at the Samsung Hall in SM Aura. It was the 2nd show on their first day and we were quite dismayed at how disorganized the organizers (pardon the pun) were at the lobby. It was just a huge chaos, no visible lines,  and it was short of a stampede. Imagine, how uncomfortable it was for kids. Zoe was pretty stressed out and she wasn't already feeling well to begin with.

So the show was supposed to start at 4PM but we were allowed to get inside the theater at around 430PM. We were so disappointed that our seats (first row) had a make-shift tent covering the stage area. We literally couldn't see the center stage at all! Good thing we were in the first row and we were able to have Zoe go to the stage area to watch and to dance.

It was a pretty good show, although Mary wasn't there for some reason. She was replaced by Tamika (if that's even correct). I sort of missed the members I'm super familiar with (Tim, Fely, and Casey) but it was a good thing that they introduced the new members on TV a week before the show so the kids were already kind of familiar with them.

Zoe enjoyed 3/4s of the show but then got tired and was overcame with her fever towards the end that she chose to sit down with us after the 10-minute break. She even fell asleep at Aria where we had dinner after. Still, it was good to see her having so much fun and acting like a fan girl. Boy, did she start early. My first concert experience was in high school!

Overall, it was a good show and Zoe enjoyed it although she wouldve enjoyed even more if she was feeling well that day.

Thursday, December 5, 2013


I have no major complaints about my skin, especially my face. Recently though, I've noticed that my skin is starting to feel rough like it needs to peel. I wear make up to work everyday, but nothing too heavy, I don't use foundation at all just transluscent powder. I planned on getting a chemical peel but got scared of some reviews so I decided to research on other options. 

Super bare face
With make up (no foundation)

My colleague told me about Beauche and how it smoothened his (yes, his -- gay) face. After reading reviews and testimonials, I decided to finally give it a try.

So the kit includes 6 pieces which are to be used either night or day. Here is the regimen:

1. Cleanse face and neck with toner.
2. Wash face and neck using the beauty bar soap.
3. Apply Clarifying solution on face and neck in upward motion.
4. Apply generous amount of exfoliating cream on face using circular motion.
5. Wait for 15 minutes and apply the rejuvenating cream.

1. Rub ice on face to tighten pores and lift dead skin.
2. Wash face with beauty bar soap.
3. Apply age eraser cream.

I have only started this regimen last night and so far, I haven't experienced any stinging whatsoever. Maybe my skin has grown too thick (thus the need to exfoliate):P I plan to use this for only a week since I don't want my face to be white and be like one of those people whose face look like it got mismatched to the wrong body. 

I'll post another review after 3 days :)