Thursday, December 5, 2013


I have no major complaints about my skin, especially my face. Recently though, I've noticed that my skin is starting to feel rough like it needs to peel. I wear make up to work everyday, but nothing too heavy, I don't use foundation at all just transluscent powder. I planned on getting a chemical peel but got scared of some reviews so I decided to research on other options. 

Super bare face
With make up (no foundation)

My colleague told me about Beauche and how it smoothened his (yes, his -- gay) face. After reading reviews and testimonials, I decided to finally give it a try.

So the kit includes 6 pieces which are to be used either night or day. Here is the regimen:

1. Cleanse face and neck with toner.
2. Wash face and neck using the beauty bar soap.
3. Apply Clarifying solution on face and neck in upward motion.
4. Apply generous amount of exfoliating cream on face using circular motion.
5. Wait for 15 minutes and apply the rejuvenating cream.

1. Rub ice on face to tighten pores and lift dead skin.
2. Wash face with beauty bar soap.
3. Apply age eraser cream.

I have only started this regimen last night and so far, I haven't experienced any stinging whatsoever. Maybe my skin has grown too thick (thus the need to exfoliate):P I plan to use this for only a week since I don't want my face to be white and be like one of those people whose face look like it got mismatched to the wrong body. 

I'll post another review after 3 days :)

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