Monday, November 25, 2013


4 days ago, we reached yet another milestone in Zoe's toddler life. We finally freed ourselves from nappies! 

On Thursday, my husband texted me that Zoe was wearing her last piece of diaper. I honestly overlooked that bit, although I really wasn't planning on buying another pack anymore. I just didn't expect that the pack will run out sooner. Few days before that, I already started putting Zoe on naps without nappies on so I felt that we were ready for the next step. I just asked Dan to have Zoe pee on her potty trainer and tell her that she wouldn't be wearing nappies anymore. Therefore, if she peed on her bed, it would mean that our bed would get soaked. 

The first night was successful and so were the following nights. We congratulated Zoe and complimented her for a job well done. 


  1. Hurray for Zoe! Ang sarap ng feeling ano Mommy? Potty training is one of the hardest part of toddler years e so if you make it, grabe ang sarap ng pakiramdam.

    Mommy Maye

  2. ^Thanks sis :) True, ang sarap ng feeling, plus liberating sa wallet hahaha.

  3. My 2-year old recently expressed that she doesn't want to wear nappies anymore. We still put on nappies at night, but hopefully we can stop using nappies 24/7!

  4. That's good, Mom on Duty. You can start training her without nappies at night, pa-wiwi mo lang before going to sleep :)

  5. We are starting on this one pero pag gabi I still put on nappies. Kasi ngayon palang ako mag wean sa bottle ni Amber. Hay sana maging successful kame sa bottle weaning.