Tuesday, October 19, 2010

First mommy challenge

As a first time mom, I'm really blessed to have a very serene daughter. She rarely cries except if it's time to change her nappy or if she's really hungry. For the past 2 weeks though, I've been noticing small bumps on her face. At first, people dismissed it to be Neonatal acne which goes away on its own but I grew more alarmed when she started having these bumps on her scalp, chest, back, and fold of her arms.

We took Zoe to her pedia yesterday and we were told that the bumps were a mixture of neonatal acne and dermatitis. The latter she contracted due to the heat and we were advised to have Zoe stay on an airconditioned room longer especially in the afternoon. The doctor also prescribed Lacticare lotion to be applied twice daily and Verlix oral drops as anti-histamine. I started the medication yesterday and I immediately noticed that the red bumps on her scalp reduced.

Because of her rashes, we forego with our original plan of having Zoe's earrings yesterday. Dan and I decided to wait until the rashes have cleared up. Now I know what it feels like to suffer in silence when your baby's sick or when you see something different with your baby. When Zoe started having these rashes, I wished that it was just me who had it. Thank God though cus it's something we definitely can cure and prevent.