Monday, April 18, 2011

Zoe's high chair

Since Zoe has started eating solids already, Dan and I have been in constant search for a nice but sturdy and affordable high chair so Zoe can sit with us during our meals. Earlier on, I wasn't sold on the idea of having Zoe use a high chair since my nephews didn't use such but that actually resulted to bad eating habits such as not eating on the table and watching TV during meals.

Recently, my General Manager announced that he was resigning and going back to the US. There was not a dry eye during his announcement but we were all able to accept his decision since he was doing it for his family. He decided to sell some of his stuff for a super cheap price and it included his son's Baby Trend high chair which he sold for only Php1,000. As soon as I saw the high chair and the picture on the list, I was really ecstatic! The chair is in top condition and barely used since his son hated being strapped in it (he hated eating too). So I bought it instantly and picked it up in his condo the following week. Dan and I agreed that it was such a nice deal since the cheapest high chair we saw was 4k and it wasn't even nice enough. Now I was kinda happy that my boss left hehehe.

A day before my boss flew back to the US, he called me and asked me to stop by his Eastwood condo since he had a lot of other stuff to give to Zoe. I got a load of Aveeno baby wash, the biggest J&J powder and oil bottles, Fisher Price toys, Infantino carrier, picture books, classical CD set, big unused Cradle bottle cleanser, unused box of Cycles detergent, Munchkin Fresh Food feeder (still sealed), and other stuff. He wanted to give me his son's playpen but Zoe already had one so I said he can give it to his other subordinate who just gave birth recently. Being a non-hand-down-fan, I was surprisingly happy to get all those things. Couldn't be any luckier right?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthday Plans

April is a big month for us since this is when we celebrate our couple/wedding anniversary as well as my birthday. This year is a whole lot more special since there are 3 of us celebrating. We originally planned to stay overnight in Taal Vista Hotel Tagaytay since I haven't been there for only who knows how long but recently we found out that Taal volcano is on level 2 alert so the being the ever panicky and paranoid parents that we are, we decided against the trip and chose to stay at a local city hotel.

Which now brings me to the deal that we got at Deal Grocer. Hubby bought a coupon for an overnight stay at Crowne Plaza Hotel Galleria for only 3500 through Deal Grocer. Nice right?

Other birthday plans include dinner out with Zoe and hubby somewhere I have yet to decide. For our anniversary, I'm secretly hoping that hubby has something for me as I was unsubtly dropping hints that I want to be surprised for our 6th anniversary.