Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gymboree Pumpkin Patch 2012

Gymboree Eastwood held its annual Pumpkin Patch tea party on October 26-28, 2012. We weren't supposed to be able to join since we were attending a wedding on Saturday, the 27th, which was when most of the festivities were happening. Good thing I was able to secure a holiday off from work so we registered Zoe to the October 26th tea party.

The next concern was Zoe's costume. I hated that we were unprepared for this event, just like last year when Zoe ended up not being able to go trick or treating anywhere (sad..). I browsed online for interesting costumes and came across a Minnie Mouse toddler outfit but was disgusted that it retailed for around P2,000. No way. So my husband came up with an idea to dress Zoe in a 'Chun-Li' inspired outfit. Of course, it only consisted of a cheong-sam and other accessories. When I searched online to see what her outfit should look like, it actually required more work. In the end, we decided to buy her a cheong sam and hair accessories to make her look like a baby Chun Li. She looked really cute =)

The Pumpkin Patch tea party started off with a play class headed by Teacher Chesca and another teacher whose name I forgot (sorry). There were around 15 kids, give or take, all dressed up in their cutie costumes. We got there at exactly 2pm and I was afraid that the program might have started but it hadn't, since they we  had to wait for all the registered kids to arrive. After the play class, they had a parade around the 3rd floor of the Eastwood mall where they went to selected stores for trick or treat. Zoe carried her pumpkin pail and sort of led the other kids to the other stores.

After the parade and the trick or treat, the kids were treated to snacks and were given their Gymboree lootbags. Zoe was so proud of her lootbags!! She was very tired after the event but was happy to have participated in such. Of course, it would have been a lot nicer if her dad was there to see her, but he was bound by work that day; maybe next year. 
Overall, I was satisfied with the Pumpkin Patch event. It was just right for kids of Zoe's age because it was held in a controlled environment and it was very organized. I've read some horror stories (excuse the pun) about other trick or treat events where the kids didnt get any lootbags despite paying a hefty amount per head and extremely disorganized ones. I already look forward to next year's Pumpkin Patch, hopefully with a much more creative costume for Zoe, and to join the Eastwood-wide trick or treat event.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gymboree Play and Learn Eastwood

Dan and I have been talking about enrolling Zoe at Gymboree in order to maximize her learning potentials and hone her social skills as early as possible. At age 2, we've decided to enroll her to level 5 of Play and Learn at Gymboree Eastwood and see how she will respond to the overall environment and activity.

On her first session, Zoe was very excited to play around before the class started. She got a bit shocked though when her other 'classmates' came in and she realized that the play area was not just for her to explore. When Teacher Shelly started the class, she was still quite shy and relied on me to encourage her participation. After a few minutes of warm up, she eventually started joining the play scenarios on her own. It was really fun to see her enjoying herself, my husband and I were such stage parents!

Here are some of her pictures on her trial class and on her first official day:

Overall, I think Gymboree is a good avenue for babies and toddlers in order to maximize their learning potentials and social skills. I also registered Zoe to the Pumpkin Patch Tea Party for Halloween so she can experience how it is to trick or treat and celebrate. I can't wait :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hubby's 32nd and Zoe's 2nd

 Time really flies by so fast. Last September 22, we celebrated Zoe's 2nd birthday. We didnt have a party for her but we celebrated by taking her to Manila Ocean Park on the 21st and hosting a birthday lunch attended by Dan's family on her birthday. My mama and sister couldn't be there on her birthday because my Auntie Sting unfortunately passed away a couple of days before.

These are the Minni Mouse cupcakes that I ordered from Nadine of Swirls N Sprinkles. I was very happy with the outcome of the design; it's always a pleasure transacting with her.

I initially didnt want to go through with inviting my husband's family because my mom wasn't there to cook but she texted me the instructions on how to cook beef and mushrooms. Fortunately, I was able to pull it off! Boy, was I proud of myself =)

On Dan's birthday (September 15th), we celebrated by going out to lunch at Buffet 101 in Robinson's Magnolia. It was a pretty good buffet, if you don't compare it to hotel buffets, that is. September will always be a month of double celebrations for us. It's going to be a constant reminder that I'm blessed with two wonderful people in my life. I love you both =)