Monday, November 25, 2013


4 days ago, we reached yet another milestone in Zoe's toddler life. We finally freed ourselves from nappies! 

On Thursday, my husband texted me that Zoe was wearing her last piece of diaper. I honestly overlooked that bit, although I really wasn't planning on buying another pack anymore. I just didn't expect that the pack will run out sooner. Few days before that, I already started putting Zoe on naps without nappies on so I felt that we were ready for the next step. I just asked Dan to have Zoe pee on her potty trainer and tell her that she wouldn't be wearing nappies anymore. Therefore, if she peed on her bed, it would mean that our bed would get soaked. 

The first night was successful and so were the following nights. We congratulated Zoe and complimented her for a job well done. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hi 5 in Manila!


We have been waiting for any announcement of Hi 5's visit to Manila just like last year. Today, my husband found out that they're coming back on December 13th-15th for another series of shows and we booked our tickets right away! Excited much? Yes. Zoe's so in love with Hi 5 and their songs and we just couldn't pass this chance.

Zoe's very happy to get her Hi5 tickets :)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Couple's Date Night

My husband and I had a 4-day weekend off work and boy was it packed! On Saturday, we decided to watch Thor 2: Dark World. Zoe was still awake when we left so you can just imagine the waterworks and drama. Good thing Thor 2 was pretty ok, otherwise, I would have been eaten by guilt again :P

Gymboree Pumpkin Patch 2013

My daughter joined Gymboree Eastwood's Pumpkin Patch party last October 31st. We had her dress in a cute ladybug costume as part of Gymboree's animal-themed party. Ok, I know that a lady bug isn't exactly an animal, it's an insect as a matter of fact, but they're all still part of the animal kingdom right? Besides, my daughter refused to try on the tiger and other animal costumes at the mall.

Gymboree had already finished two Pumpkin Patch parties over the weekend so this was the last one. Evidently, there were fewer kids who joined, they were probably around 8. It was ok for us though since they had more space to play. Last year's party was a little bit of a chaos because there were almost 20 kids (plus parents and yayas) in the branch. So anyway, they started the party with the usual play class. I noticed that my daughter was slightly disinterested on some of the play structures most probably because she really prefers singing and dancing. After their play class, they went around the 3rd floor for trick or treat.