Saturday, July 24, 2010

Zoe's stuff

Dan and I went to the Carter house at Bel Air yesterday and piled on as much as we can. I took pics of Zoe's stuff before we put them in a huge bag until we can get her closet. I also ordered an Old Navy jacket, 2 pairs Nike booties, 4 receiving blankets and 6 washcloths from the US which will arrive by September. Since all of the newborn basics are complete, it's time to buy the other necessities such as stroller, cabinet and other storages, toiletries, baby bag and other stuff =)

Aveeno wash and shampoo (bought from Walmart) and Aveeno Daily Moisture lotion (ordered from Multiply contact)

Zoe's things =)

3 pieces each of short/long sleeved and sleeveless tie-side shirts, newborn pajamas, abdominal binders, and 3 pairs of mittens from Little Wishes (SM)

6 sets of shorts and sando sets from Little Wishes

3 newborn pajamas from Little Wishes and 3 Carter's pajamas (3-12 months)

(L-R) Carter's onesies from TJ Maxx, Carter's onesies from Bel Air, and Gerber onsies from Target)

Calvin Klein bib set (TJ Maxx), 3 pairs Carter's socks and 5 pieces Carter's washcloth from Marshall's; 3 caps, 3 pairs mittens, 3 pairs booties all from Bel Air

3 hooded towels and 3 hooded receiving blankets from Bel Air

Carter's sleepsuits from Bel Air

Rompers from Carter's and Ralph Lauren

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

3D Scan

For the longest time, my hubby and I have been extremely excited to have my 3D scan. So 1 week before the procedure, we started talking to our Zoe about not putting her arms in front of her face so we can see her this time.

Last Saturday, we went to In My Womb in SM Marikina for our Pearl package appointment. At first, the sonologist was quite pleased with how Zoe was positioned cus she said it was the ideal position to take pictures. However, when she looked closer, Zoe's feet were blocking her face leaving just the side view of it for us to see. So she did obey us, only we weren't really clear with the intsructions we gave her. She didn't cover her face with her arms, she just used her feet this time. Dan and I were laughing at the thought. The Sonologist shook my tummy so that Zoe can change positions but instead she retaliated with kicks hahahah!!! So in the end, we decided to come back for a rescan since we were only able to get quite few side view pictures of her.

Monday early evening we came back, crossing our fingers that Zoe would cooperate this time. I drank juice hoping to wake her up. Unfortunately, Zoe turned her back on us this time :( When the OB shook my tummy to coax her, she did turn for a couple of seconds. Those couple of seconds were good enough but the OB wanted to get more so we'll have more pictures to choose from. Just then, Zoe started scratching her ear and she turned her back on us again. It might've been frustrating on the OB's part but I just wanted to see more of her movements. It was better than watching a really interesting film! So Zoe kept scratching until we decided that it was enough for that session. We'll do a rescan again on Friday but if she doesn't cooperate by then, we'll probably leave it at that. She might want to suprise us. Anyway, we were able to see her full face in front view for a couple of seconds. My baby girl looked gorgeous :) Will post some pics as soon as we get them Apparently, there's a 7-10 day waiting time frame to get the colored pics.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sick at 27 weeks :(

On Sunday morning, I started having on and off fever and sharp pain in my lower abdomen. I thought it was just over fatigue due to my frantic work schedule ever since I came back from the States. I dismissed the ab pain as an upset stomach but after doing #2 twice, I started getting suspicious that it might be something else so I texted my OB who was on vacation.

She called me about 10 minutes after and asked me to go to hospital's ER because she suspected that my fever and ab pain were something else. She endorsed me to another OB since she couldn't make it in time being out of town at the moment.

Dan and I got to the hospital and I was asked to do a urine and blood test. After 2-3 hours of wait (nap time for me), we found out that I had UTI and my hemoglobin was a bit low (10 instead of around 12 at my pregnancy stage). Dra Alegado, who was Dra Dimatulac's (my OB) reliever went to see me and performed some tests. She did an IE just to check that I wasn't confusing my ab pain with pre-term labor, she also checked my baby's heartbeat rate which was 163 at that time. Despite the stress of the situation, we managed to laugh when the nurse was listening to my baby's heartbeat cus my baby gave a hard kick and startled the nurse hehehehe...

I was precsribed with Cefadroxil which is safe for me and my baby, Duvadilan, and Biogesic for my fever. I also bought a digital thermometer so we could monitor my temperature. Right now, pain is still there although not as sharp and frequent as it was on Sunday.

This experience made me fear for my baby's safety and it made me feel bad that I may not be taking the best care of myself which endangered my baby. The doctor said that if UTI was left untreated or if the infection raised to where my baby is, she could have weak lungs when she comes out and I definitely dont want that. This is the 3rd time that I've had a urinary tract infection but the first time since my pregnancy started. This made me realize that my choices and decisions affect that little person inside me so I have to be more cautious and responsible. I hope that I get well soon and that I won't contract any other infections or what not since I really don't want to risk my baby.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


It's my 5th day in California and my 4th day in training with Google. I wouldve loved to take lots of pics in the Google compound but security's pretty tight and we can only take pics outside. Google environment is REALLY fun. Free buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner; snack bars everywhere, gym and other recreations on every building. They really invest in employee satisfaction for the basic reason that happy employees equal quality work.

This is the building where we go to sign in every morning. It has the red Google Map marker on it.

Google bikes are everywhere! As long as it's not padlocked, you can basically just take it and use it to get around the compound.They also have shuttle services that have wifi and are free for employees.

So the secondary reason that I agreed to this US trip is to go SHOPPING. I bought a couple of stuff for Zoe in TJ Maxx, Walmart, and Target. I have yet to visit some other stores but I still have this weekend. I got a set of Calvin Klein bibs and a really cute Ralph Lauren romper. Trust me, the prices are better than reasonable.

More stuff for Zoe -- Carter's washcloths and socks, 5 piece-set Gerber onesies, cute baby clothes from Carter's and 2 8 oz. bottles of Aveeno baby wash and shampoo (if converted to peso, around 180 per bottle lang in Walmart)

I also bought the usual chocolates and stuff and a couple of shirts for hubby. I've spent sooo much na and my hubby's nervous about my weekend hehehe. This Saturday, my boss is gonna take us around SF to see some sights and prolly early fireworks display for the 4th of Juky celebration. I would say this trip is really great except for the fact that it wouldve been sooo much better if my hubby is here too :)