Thursday, January 16, 2014

School Bus Reservation

This is a month of 'reservations' for us. We've already reserved Zoe's slot at preschool so while we're at it, I also took the liberty of inquiring and reserving her seat on the school bus.

Teacher Leah, one of the directresses of ISYC, gave me the phone number of their school bus operator who lives in the same village as we do. I called her up to inquire about the rate given that my daughter is to be accompanied by her yaya daily. She said that the going rate is P2,800 which isn't pretty bad considering that this already includes the yaya. I was initially having second thoughts about sending Zoe to school through a school bus since she's too young. I didn't get to experience that myself since we had a driver who would drive us to school everyday. But Dan said it will be such a hassle for us if we have to drive Zoe to and from school everyday since we have varying schedules at work.

So anyway, I went on in reserving Zoe two seats on the school bus but I was told by the operator that there is an increase this coming school year. I hope it's not much of an increase though.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Step 1: Reservation

Dan and I are excited about Zoe's impending entrance to preschool. She went through a summer class last May but we held off enrolling her this school year because we thought it's a bit too early for everyday classes for her. 

So I've been buggin ISYC's directresses, Teacher Leah and Teacher Michelle, about Zoe's reservation, so much that they already know my voice on the phone even before I introduce myself. I know, that's a little bit embarassing but the slots in that school are like hotcakes, they disappear before you even know it.

Today I finally reserved a slot for her in the mid-morning schedule. I was given several forms to return and complete by April. By then she will be scheduled for an assessment and the tuition will be paid.

Hmm, now I'm already thinking of buying Zoe's school shoes =)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Rustic Mornings by Isabelo (Marikina)

Marikina isn't just about shoes, they're also all about hidden dining spots. I found out about Rustic Mornings through my friend in IG. So I told my husband that I wanted to try it out, and try we did.

We met our friends at Rustic Mornings for brunch on Thursday. From the Our Lady of Abandoned Church in San Roque Markina, you just turn right to a very narrow street after the park. You'd already see their sign and their gate. 

We got there earlier than our friends so we decided to explore the area (i.e. take photos) and to order since we were all starving. The restaurant has a spacious lot but not everything has been converted to a dining area. You can choose to dine in an airconditioned area (which we weren't able to look at) or al fresco amidst the lush garden. 

I ordered buttermilk pancakes, hasbrown, and bacon; my husband had waffles, buffalo chicken fingers, and salad; we both had (refillable) cafe americano. When our friends arrived shortly, they had a hard time ordering because everything they wanted to get were temporarily unavailable since they ran out of cooking oil (yes, how ironic). So they had omelets and pasta instead. Good thing we got there earlier, I wouldve gotten upset if I had to order something else aside from pancakes. 

It was a very good dining experience nonetheless. The food was great and came in big servings. I didn't even get to finish my pancakes and had to share it with my (happy) husband. I'd tell you how much we paid but one of my friends went ninja on us and footed the entire bill behind our backs :P