Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Step 1: Reservation

Dan and I are excited about Zoe's impending entrance to preschool. She went through a summer class last May but we held off enrolling her this school year because we thought it's a bit too early for everyday classes for her. 

So I've been buggin ISYC's directresses, Teacher Leah and Teacher Michelle, about Zoe's reservation, so much that they already know my voice on the phone even before I introduce myself. I know, that's a little bit embarassing but the slots in that school are like hotcakes, they disappear before you even know it.

Today I finally reserved a slot for her in the mid-morning schedule. I was given several forms to return and complete by April. By then she will be scheduled for an assessment and the tuition will be paid.

Hmm, now I'm already thinking of buying Zoe's school shoes =)

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