Thursday, January 16, 2014

School Bus Reservation

This is a month of 'reservations' for us. We've already reserved Zoe's slot at preschool so while we're at it, I also took the liberty of inquiring and reserving her seat on the school bus.

Teacher Leah, one of the directresses of ISYC, gave me the phone number of their school bus operator who lives in the same village as we do. I called her up to inquire about the rate given that my daughter is to be accompanied by her yaya daily. She said that the going rate is P2,800 which isn't pretty bad considering that this already includes the yaya. I was initially having second thoughts about sending Zoe to school through a school bus since she's too young. I didn't get to experience that myself since we had a driver who would drive us to school everyday. But Dan said it will be such a hassle for us if we have to drive Zoe to and from school everyday since we have varying schedules at work.

So anyway, I went on in reserving Zoe two seats on the school bus but I was told by the operator that there is an increase this coming school year. I hope it's not much of an increase though.

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  1. Parang ok lang if mag-school bus sya. She can meet friends there. I'm a school bus kid :)