Saturday, March 19, 2011

Zoe's first solid food

First meal: Mashed carrots

Friday, March 18, 2011

Preparations for Zoe's 1st birthday

Wow, how fast time flies by. Zoe's turning 6 months this Tuesday and here I am making my research and preparations for her 1st birthday in September. I remember starting this blog as a journal to document my journey to mommyhood and I cant believe my darling girl is starting to eat her solid food. Migosh, talk about being sappy!

So I've been browsing the party packages of different restos but found nothing that hits the spot. Then I recently read a blog about a Shakey's kiddie party where they served the Monster Deal Meals instead of the usual party package and it gave me an idea. So now, Shakey's is back on my list as a possible venue along with Fazoli's Eastwood. Dan and I will just need to do ocular inspections as well as talks with several Shakey's branches and with Fazolis too.

I initially thought of having Luau as a theme but decided against it anyway since it works well with pool parties which is not what we'll be having. So instead, what I have in mind are Ballerina Baby, Cheerleader Baby, or Butterflies. I've also listed down my party requirements which includes the following:

1. Venue (choice among Shakey's El Pueblo/E Rodriguez or Fazolis Eastwood)
2. Cake (Swirls N Sprinkles)
3. Photo Booth
4. Face Painting
5. Balloon decors
6. Loot bags and party prizes
7. Invitations
8. Host (not sure yet if I'm really getting one cus Shakey's can provide anyway)
9. Photographer  (will hopefully be my good friend, Mae Mae's brother)

I've scouted for several suppliers for the these and have sent them emails for rates and packages. I'm also still thinking of whether to get a party planner since the party I have in mind isnt really super grand.

So in the next couple of weeks and months, I'll be telling stories about my party preparations and will also be reporting about my experience with suppliers. Just thinking about Zoe's party is getting me all excited!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Search for Zoe's shoes

I'm back!!!

Zoe's a week shy of her 6th month, time flies by so fast that I dont know whether to be happy or sad. Anyway, she's outgrown her Nike Mary Janes and is on the verge of outgrowing her Guess shoes so hubby and I (actually, more of  I only) began scouting for Zoe's new pair of shoes. I browsed the Pediped site and came upon Pediped Caroline and immediately visualized it on my Zoe. This is the picture of the shoes:

We went to all Hobbes and Landes branches that we could go to but we couldn't find this design. Saw a couple others which were nice too but couldn't find Zoe's size. So finally, I decided to order it through my Multiply contact who can order it in 2-3 weeks time fresh from the US. I was so ecstatic! Oh and yeah, I ordered one of those Gap overruns too which only cost me 380 pesos teeheehee :)