Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer School: Graduation

Three weeks have gone so fast. Last time I checked, our yaya bailed out on us a day before Zoe started summer school and now she's all done with the program. I'm so proud to have seen her accomplishments and how she participated well on their daily activities. I'm also very proud of myself for managing without a yaya for almost a month now. It's very tough but fulfilling at the same time.

Here are some photos on Zoe's culminating program at summer school. 

Zoe's class performed three songs: Open shut, Barney's song, and Hi-5 song. I was so proud to see my daughter dancing and singing well onstage despite her classmates' non-participation. She was basically the only one dancing and didnt mind that there were so many people watching her. It was then that I understood parents who tear up while watching their kids perform in school. I was mighty proud :)

They performed 3 songs

Receiving her art works and graduation certificate from Teacher Che

With shy Reece

We're so proud of you baby girl!

With my high school friend Arlene and her daughter Sab
Zoe's art works at school

This 3-week program was such a blast for Zoe. We were worried at first that she might get bored or disinterested but she looked forward to attending every single day. It was tough luck that we ran out of slots for this school year, we were kinda ready to send her to school despite our initial decision. But we already spoke to Teacher Michelle on enlisting Zoe for the junior nursery class for next school year. Til then, we'll find other activities and programs that she can enjoy :)

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