Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Planning Zoe's 3rd birthday party

We initially planned on taking Zoe to Hongkong Disneyland on her 2nd or 3rd birthday but realized that we needed to focus our finances more on something else. It was only early this year that my husband and I decided to throw a small party for Zoe at McDonald's for her 3rd birthday in September.

I put my foot down on the guestlist and decided on a max of 40 people. I only really planned on inviting immediate relatives (read: parents and siblings on both sides). Dan's family is quite big and if we are going to invite them all, we might as well just pursue our Disneyland plans. 

Our next step was to choose which McDonald's branch. We first thought of the one along Libis but later on realized that all of our guests will be coming from the East so what the heck, we'll have it at McDonald's Marcos Highway. Super lapit! We went there last weekend to inquire and I ended up booking the date right there and then. We also decided on the food items and I was quoted P179 for the following:
- chicken and spaghetti with drinks
- cheeseburger
- sundae
- french fries

We made Zoe choose a party theme a long time ago and she chose Toy Story. The party fee for this is P3000 which includes the following:
- 30 party hats, party mats, and balloons
- 30 lootbags
- gift for the celebrant
- game prizes
- party hosting
- mascot appearance

Since this is a failry small and simple party, I'm foregoing on a lot of things and just focusing on the party basics. One of the things on my list is a party cake and of course, it would only have to be from my beloved cake supplier, Nadine of Swirls N Sprinkles. I ordered a 1-tier 9x3 cake with a Jessie topper for only P2000. She surprised me by saying that she will give 1 dozen cupcakes for free as her birthday gift to Zoe. I was super touched and grateful! I love free things :P

For now, those are the only things that I have accomplished. I dont think I will be adding more party details though. I just want Zoe to experience a McDonald's party since I know that she's been looking forward to it =)

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