Sunday, April 21, 2013

8th anniversary celebration at 7 Corners

Dan and I celebrated our 8th anniversary by having lunch buffet at 7 Corners in Crown Plaza Hotel. The last time I dined here was back in 2011 when we checked in for my birthday.

Can't resist a little vanity picture right there
7 Corners isn't comparable to Sofitel's Spirals when it comes to the spread. Not even Vikings nor Buffet 101. It was fine with me though because I easily get overwhelmed with the abundance of food and end up not eating too much. Sayang. In my husband's words 'parang nadaya nila ko'. So, I was pretty ok with 7 Corner's spread, not to mention that the ambience was still relaxed and quite serene even during the peak hours.

Welcome to 7 Corners
Some people ask why it's named 7 Corners. Well, it just represents the seven food corners/counters that they have. Here's the collage of the food we've eaten. For some reason, I deleted the photos after I made the collage :P

The food was ok. I most especially loved their steak. Big, juicy, tender, slices. I also loved their pasta and dessert station. I can say that I had the most out of this buffet even if I didn't get to eat at every station. yes, I only choose my favorites unlike som (like my husband) who would literaly hop from one dish to another just to maximize everything.

Overall, it was a good anniversary celebration. Not only did I get to bond with my husband over something that we both love so much (FOOD) but we also got to squeeze in a little bit of cardio after lunch: SHOPPING :P

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  1. Wow, the foods look yummy. Happy Anniversary to both of you and may God bless you with more years together.

    I just followed your blog =)

    Mommy Maye