Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Senior Nursery

Wow! I haven't blogged in such a long time. This is officially my most pitiful year in terms of blogging =D

We've been so busy with moving in to our new condo and adjusting with everything that I just haven't found time to write about anything. Well, I'm happy to report a few things:

1. Our move was completely smooth and seamless. Dan and I managed to move all our things and clean the entire place just by ourselves. Talk about teamwork huh? The place is exactly how I want it to be but we just need to add a few more decorations to make it more homey. Right now, it still has that 'staycation' vibe going on.

2. Zoe is moving on to Senior Nursery! I was informed that she will be under Teacher Gale and Teacher Jojie this year. Zoe's so excited to be back in school especially since we never really had the chance to go out of town this summer (bummer).

3. I went up to Baguio recently with our company's recruitment team and it was m y first time to be back in Baguio since I was 7. yes, it sounds pretty pathetic but I had so much fun even though I was quite sad that my husband and daughter couldn't come with me.

4. And yeah, I got promoted last March :)

Looking forward to more posts this second half of the year.

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